Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sting in the tail!

Flowers, chocolates, champers, card and flowers but this morning two pairs of trousers I donned I couldn’t do up. And who decided to dominate Valentine’s Day with Rugby!


R. Sherman said...

Not rugby here but Mizzou basketball! Where's the beer and crisps?


The Preacherman said...

Precisely!!!! All that glorious football on and they show rugby!!

Disgraceful behaviour ;-)

Happy V-Day babe xx

PI said...

Randall ; you know you love any kind of sport:)

Manic: and to you dear! You're as bad as my Dad was- and my elder son is.

savannah said...

and tomorrow, you'll deal with it, but happy vanhalen's day, sugar! ;)

*drop by there's something for you!*

PI said...

Savannah: and to you. Thank you I'll be over shortly.

Kim Ayres said...

Rugby, Football and Cricket. I loathe all of them with a passion that can only be created by schooldays and PE lessons

But Feb 14th is my daughter's birthday, so I just make sure I'm romantic the rest of the year :)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Just how many chocolates did you eat, Pat?


PI said...

Kim: None of us can ask for more e than that:)

GG: lovely to have you back again - the last of my three wandering sheep:)
NOW! The chocolates are truffles which are ruinous for my avoir dupois so - I haven't had a single one. Yet. Tonight after dinner they will be handed round and it's best I stick to my yummy plain dark chocolate.

Nea said... how did we do?

Happy Valentine's ;)

Ché l'écossais said...

I'm with Kim A. on this one.
There is nothing like being on a frozen mud-puddle in the middle of november, with lots of other wee boys screaming at you, to put you off sports for life.
I eventually developed a technique of staying away from the ball as tangentially as possible - it's called "defence".
Of my physical integrity.

PI said...

Che: I lost my ardour for taking part in sport after being whacked over my left eye with a hockey stick. Oh the blood!