Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not an Award

If you want to see the award go over to Scarlet’s ( side bar). Having scuppered my awards I don’t do them anymore but as the well is dry here goes.

Ten True facts about myself.

1. I have an uncontrollable peculiar sneeze. It has changed over the years but is even more embarrassing now.

2. I got 23 marks out of 400 in mock School Cert. in Chemistry. I passed the actual exam and - to my surprise matriculated.

3. At 49 I left my husband, home, business and friends to throw in my lot with a man I hadn’t seen for 30 years.

4. I cry when I laugh.

5. I’ve lost my singing voice which was quite pleasant.

6. I can’t dance.

7. I can only swim in Greek seas.

8. I have a sweet tooth. And a savoury one. I just love good food and wine.

9. I don’t like cities but love the theatre and art galleries.

10. I’m still trying – without a great deal of success – to be better person.


Jimmy Bastard said...

"I have an uncontrollable peculiar sneeze. It has changed over the years but is even more embarrassing now."

It was you sitting behind us in the theatre last week reet?

PI said...

Jimmy: at least I used my hankie. It's bread that brings it on . Did you have to be eating your sarnies?

scarlet-blue said...

I don't have a singing voice to lose! But I can dance..
Most impressed with the Chemistry marks...

kenju said...

Since I've never been to Greece, tell me what it is about Greek seas that allows you to swim in them?

R. Sherman said...

You should do a podcast of your sneeze.


john.g. said...

#10 has been a success from here!

Kanani said...

3. At 49 I left my husband, home, business and friends to throw in my lot with a man I hadn’t seen for 30 years.

Yay! I'm so glad it's worked out. Boy, what a good decision.
Sorry I have been elusive as of late. I started a new job as a sales rep for a healthcare company! Yes, I went back into it. Writing wasn't paying the bills!

PI said...

Scarlet: maybe that's why I married a chemist.

Judy: I think the sea may be more saliferous but it's more than that. All one's senses are engaged with the colour, the light, the mountains, the warmth of the sun and the people. It makes me feel I could walk on water and when - accidentally I fell out of a sailing boat, sank and came to the surface lengths away from the boat I swam - for the first time.

Randall: trust me - you would not thank me.

John.g: thank you for that. I'm going to tell MTL:)

Ché l'écossais said...

Bread ? Weirdo.
I have this "sudden sexual arousal out of nowhere" sneeze thing, yes, even at my age, and that IS embarrassing.
Apparently it's fairly common.

Can't dance ?
Neither can I, it's uncanny how similar we are.
Doesn't stop me though, everyone can do with a laugh every now and then, eh ?

I'm also trying to be a better person, but it's an uphill struggle.
I want "At least he tried, sometimes." on my gravestone.

Jimmy Bastard said...

PI: We soon stopped eating after receiving the new salad dressing from behind.

Most unacceptable indeed.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

#10..Well, I don't understand that one at all. You seem to me to be a truly WONDERFUL person...!
I never took Chemistry and I know I would have been not good at it---I am very impressed thatyou did so well...!
I am wondering why The Greek Seas are so swimable, Pat...It sounds!

Eryl Shields said...

A better person than who, you already appear to be about as good a person as can be?

problemchildbride said...

My grandpa used to sneeze several times every morning like clockwork when he was shaving.

My husband sneezes when he coughs, every time. I think his tubes must be connected weird or something.

There's something so sweet to think about you crying when you laugh.

apprentice said...

You're already a good person missus!

PI said...

Kanani: if the definition of a writer was 'someone who earns their living by writing' you'd be able to count them on one hand - figuratively speaking.
Good luck with the job and I'm sure you'll keep writing.

Che: great! There aren't many of us left.

Jimmy: you -------! Hope it didn't contaminate the rug which seemed to waft in the breeze.

PI said...

Naomi: I have a generous dollop of human frailties.
Who needs chemistry anyway?
See Judy's answer re Greek seas.

Eryl: it's all down to smoke and mirrors and economy with the truth.

The Hangar Queen said...

I think I would like the Greek sea line on my headstone.

'Tis most regal.

PI said...

Sam: there's more: the laughter and tears are followed by hiccups. I'm a mess.

Devin: that's beautiful.

Anna: I hope I don't let you down:)

savannah said...

you are absolutely lovely! xoxo

Kim Ayres said...


PI said...

Savannah; I'm just going to accept a compliment graciously. Thank you:)

Sheri said...

Oh how I'd love to swim in the Greek seas!

As for being a better person: You are wonderful, just the way you are! And you are better each day by sharing your wisdom.

PI said...

Sheri: I hope you get the chance and thank you for your kind words.