Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Decorating progress

 Preparation, ceiling and paintwork nearly finished
 The curtains for the right hand windows have washed and ironed perfectly as have the ones in the middle.  But the ones on the left, overlooking the garden and getting blistering hot sun have lost the linings and are in a delicate state.
 My plan is to hang the damaged curtains so that they are just hanging at the sides like open theatre curtains - never to be drawn - and I am investigating vertical blinds which will also protect the newly painted sills.

After a swirly swish in the bath these little beauties came up like new.
Wednesday: decorating finished.  Now what went where?

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Relief that one of the drawing room (it's being decorated) curtains circa 1985 has survived the washing machine.  One down - five more to go.  Well done Next who made them.  I don't relish the rehanging; the weight of the curtains - up a ladder, whilst achey fingers try to manoeuvre the hook into the hole hiding under the fixed pelmet.  This will be the last time.  Hurrah!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A Turning Point.

It was coming up to Christmas last year - the first since I lost MTL - when I got a phone call from Jack.  I had known him since I was in the lower thirds at Grammar School and he was a dazzling fourth former - good at school work and ace at sport.  We both left at the same time - he to become a medical student and me to train as a nurse.  We kept in touch for a while - I had had a slight crush on him,  and then our paths diverged - he stayed in the north and became a doctor and I - after becoming stated registered - went south and started a modelling career.

Decades later I married MTL and went north again.  Visiting my mother I noticed in the local paper that one of the teachers I had known was mentioned and - on a whim - went to visit her.  She was full of enthusiasm for the School Reunions and mentioned Jack as being one of the stalwarts who always turned up.    She persuaded us to go to the next Reunion and there was Jack - much the same- and we became friends with him and his wife Jenny; we would see them when we visited our cottage in Yorkshire and they would come to see us when they came to the south west.

Our correspondence had dwindled because although Jack was an inveterate letter writer I was converted to emails and that was off Jack's radar so as age inhibited travel we kept in touch with the odd phone call - usually on a Sunday afternoon.

" Jenny and I were talking about you the other day and we thought - poor Pat - all alone in that big house."

After a bit more chat I put the phone down, made a cup of tea and had a think.  Those words reverberated in my head.  I was an object of pity;  I didn't feel sorry for myself - on the contrary I felt I have been blessed - so why should anyone else feel sorry for me ?  And these were nice decent people.  Have I been giving off pathetic vibes?

Sod that for a lark!

Something had to change; either I could spend the rest of my life spiritually crippled or I could take charge of what's left of my life and live it to the full, as if MTL were still by my side.  The first thing I did was book to go on a cruise - alone - to see the mountains and fjords of Norway.

On the first night I still remember the slight panic as I made my way to the restaurant I had chosen

" I was shown to a table where a gentleman was already sitting.  I knew he was a gentleman because he rose as I approached.  This was Dylan – he was Welsh and for the rest of the cruise we were dinner companions.  Dylan had asked to be on a large table but when I turned up decided to make the best of it.  Fortunately we had a similar sense of humour."

Dylan has become a firm friend - what we used to call a platonic friend.  Fortunately he is computer friendly so we can both exchange our daily minutia without boring the pants off each other.  Recently he came to spend a few days in a nearby hotel where he used to stay with his late wife and the weather was kind.  One day we joined our friendship group in Porlock Weir and it went well.
Of course it is difficult for people to understand when they haven't met the person involved.

DIL"We don't know anything about this Dylan -  you should phone your mother and make sure she is OK."
Son "  I did - there's no answer."
DIL"  She could be lying in a pool of blood!"

For a while Dylan signed himself the Axe man.

I'm grateful to Jack for prodding me to the turning point and in December - over Christmas - I am cruising in the Canaries - on the same ship as my friend Dylan and his 15 yr old Canadian grandson.

It goes without saying that my heart belongs to MTL.  Always.

Thursday, October 02, 2014


Visiting my old friend Margaret for a few days.  Back soon.  K.T.F. xoxox

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29th - Michaelmas

Michaelmas is the feast of St Michael the archangel. 
 Michael - 'who is like to God ' was the war cry of good angels in the battles fought in Heaven against Satan.  Michael was the greatest of the archangels and is honoured for defeating Lucifer in Heaven.
Because the day occurs on the 29th of September it falls near the equinox and is associated with the
beginning of autumn and the shortening of days.  Michaelmas marked the ending and beginning of the husbandman's year.
Michaelmas also marks the first day of the autumn term.
The lilac and purple asters which bloom at this time are known as Michaelmas daisies.
Michaelmas gales assail the waning year,
And Michael’s scale is true, his blade is bright.
He strips dead leaves; and leaves the living clear
To flourish in the touch and reach of light.
Archangel bring your balance, help me turn
Upon this turning world with you and dance
In the Great Dance. Draw near, help me discern,
And trace the hidden grace in change and chance.
Angel of fire, Love’s fierce radiance,
Drive through the deep until the steep waves part,
Undo the dragon’s sinuous influence
And pierce the clotted darkness in my heart.
Unchain the child you find there, break the spell
And overthrow the tyrannies of Hell.
Malcolm Guite

For Vagabonde

Friday, September 26, 2014

Michaelmas in the garden

Slowly cyclamen are finding their way to this wild part.
BTW it isn't Michaelmas until the 29th - but you knew that.

This isn't St Michaelmas and it isn't my garden alas - but it is Jesus- courtesy of my friend Gia.

Bless them they come up each year

This must be one I put in last year

It's been so mild the front door has been open all summer.  I do like a good blow through.

Those of you paying attention will remember I decided to empty the fountain, fill it with stones from all over the place and let nature take its course.  What I didn't realise it takes a hell of a lot of stones to fill it so this frog found its way there.
Naturally I asked the Welsh man to bring a couple of samples and - although he thinks I am barmy he obliged.
Aren't they smashing?

Still a way to go.
Click for bigger pics.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Things a woman likes to hear.

Dylan:  The difference between your house and mine (he has two cleaners) is that yours sparkles.

I can't wait to tell Sheila.  Please excuse my smirk:)