Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Eighteen months on.


Thanks to Judy Kennedy Carrino for sharing this beautiful piece which I have found to be true.


When we lose someone we love, we discover that time does not heal everything.  After a while, the ache in our heart begins to ease a bit, and we laugh again, life goes on and many times we reconnect with those still physically with us in much deeper more beautiful ways.  And eventually the good memories outnumber the sad thoughts and we begin to sense that what we thought was lost, has actually been with us all along.

We can’t explain it, touch it or prove it – but there are moments we catch ourselves smiling because we know it’s true.”


Paul. S. Boynton



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Day at Wrest Park - Luton

 Andrew took the day off and delivered us to this oasis of calm.  Perfect day and wonder of wonders - no hordes!  Do click on pics.
 Our first peek.  Lot of oohs and aahs from me.
 For 600 years home to the de Greys

 One of the few remaining formal gardens of the early 18th-century.

 Terrace and French parterre

 The Duke kept a bucket of plaster of Paris to hand so he could enhance any curves he found wanting.

 Sadly the fountain wasn't working

 The Bath house
 Lots of cool secret gardens to chill in.
 Inside the bath house.
 Great views whilst one is performing one's ablutions
 Maybe a little draughty?
 American Garden and below which I found a little disappointing.  Perhaps a work in progress..


 Inside the Bowling Green House.  Reminded me of Wedgewood
We spent a while watching Mum and the ducklings .  There were seven.

The Long water.

 We gave the geese a pretty wide berth

A bit of tree lopping going to the left.  There's heaps more but we just slowly absorbed the peace and beauty.  We had a reasonable lunch there but the luscious looking cake was dry.  My second disappointment. 
 Andrew bought me a book on Wrest Park.  Jenny very sweetly offered to carry it so I could continue shooting.  I had to laugh when Andrew told me Jenny said:
"Andrew gets the kiss and I get to carry the book."
There have to be some perks to getting old:)
P.S.  It's great I can down load so many but I still haven't got it so I can edit them first.  One day...

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Graduates

  1. Granddaughter Alice and her boyfriend Tom
We drove up to Leicester to see their chic little flat.  Tom graduated a year ago and is now a policeman - we drove by his station - just walking distance from the flat.
Alice graduated last week and she now does a P.G.C.E to prepare her for teaching.  She already does voluntary teaching and we saw the school in the same street as the flat.
I read Alice's dissertation :
Presentations of Masculinity in Postwar American Literature and Its Film Adaptations
It included 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,'  'East of Eden', and 'Streetcar named Desire.'  so no hardship for me.
Leicester has quite a cosmopolitan feel and we had a pleasant  lunch in a sunny square.  Tea at the above was not perfect; I had to send back a rock hard dough nut.
'Can I get you anything else?
' Just a fresh doughnut please.'
'Oh that's the only one we've got.'
Alice, Jenny (Alice's Mum) and I shopped for Britain  including some incredible shoes for A's graduation day then J and I drove back to Herts.  Exhausted but happy.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Awa' again.

I'm going south to visit Hertfordshire family.  Look forward to seeing them and Buster the elderly Staffie; visiting my grand-daughter at Uni and seeing her new flat, visiting the odd hostelry and being schooled by my DIL on how to use my neglected tablet.  Can't go a week without emails.

Also having talks which should help me to decide if I want to pursue getting my book published.  After eight years it  would be sad to jettison it but editing 103,000 words will be time consuming and time is getting on.

Sorry I have been more absent of late.  Will try to do better.  xoxoxoxox to all.

Bergen and Grieg

Balmoral actually sailed under this bridge
 The studio in the grounds of Grieg's home.  Note grass roofs.

 The house itself
 No wonder he was inspired looking at this every day

At the bottom of a hazardous rocky path was the grave of Grieg and his wife.  Pleased I could make it.  Quite a few youngish women were worried about their knees. 

 Then we were treated to a wonderful recital
A quick glimpse of Bergen
Do click on photos please.

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Sunday in June and a botanical question.

 A new carnation

 An old reliable
 New Dawn - a favourite
 This is so generous and spills everywhere

 Yesterday's outing to the Driftwood cafĂ©
 Peter and Veronica - newlyweds, Chris and James
Don't be fooled by the empty table.  This was a pause after the cream teas and before the ice creams
 Here is your starter for ten.  What is this plant.  The flower is a sort of soft thistle like shape but its outstanding feature is its smell -faintly medicinal- eucalyptus - ish?
Names please.
alas my peony - gorgeous - enormous and pale pink has chosen not to make it.  It was in the file.