Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

I can't believe it's Friday!

I was going to post old photos this week having spent time in the attic and thereafter( our very slender local weather girl uses 'thereafter' a lot) scanned them.  But guess what:  Naomi's solution for posting my photos  doesn't work with scanned ones.  Another flippin' problem.
Mick and Mandy are doing wonders in the family room: cracks scraped and filled, metal windows scraped and painted - everything washed down with sugar soap - endless white  painting and now the treat : Wedgewood green on the walls. Mick doesn't like green but this isn't a green green for goodness sake - it's delicate like Tinkerbelle's wings.
I have not been idle.  Mick is always tea but Mandy likes to ring the changes with coffee and it has to be white sugar.  Biscuits are easy:  Mandy  likes 'anything with chocolate' and Mick is dotty about custard creams.
Every day this week I have had an appointment - normally I'm just busy on Tuesdays and Fridays and there has been a lot of paper work but the real bug bear is the curtains.  There are eight - all floor length varying in width, lined and I added an extra draught proof lining as there is a lot of glass and when the wind is from the east the room is quite 'airy'.
This winter I had a brain wave and it is now my summer sitting room and the drawing room - much more protected - has been my winter home.
By the way I don't mind when people say 'Do you not think this place is too big for you?'  But when they repeat it a week later I do.  Back to the curtains:  our local laundry no longer does dry cleaning so I decided to remove the heavy linings and wash them all myself.  Both washer and dryer packed up in protest yesterday but Mick fiddled - mended a fuse and I breathed again.
But the ironing!  So far I have done all the linings  (I had to they were scrumfled),  the smaller curtains and one enormous one.  Just three more enormous ones to go.  That's the week-end taken care of.  Such fun but at least now I really am looking forward to my holiday instead of feeling slightly apprehensive.  I'm trying not to think of the re-hanging.
The week after it's the plumber.  See photos below.

Almost done.

Mick won't be photographed and Mandy is shy but how many decorators clean the windows?
They have offered to replace the curtains but I have to finish  the ironing and replace the draught proof linings and I have all week-end to do it.  I know I know - I have all the luck:)

Sunday, April 06, 2014

The river's running dark blue!

Hooray!  Oxford won the boat race.  For the last 35 years I have watched the boat race - until recently with Alastair.  This week-end has been very busy - preparing for the decorators tomorrow  - 8 heavy curtains.  I stopped work at 5pm, poured a kir, switched on and went out like a light and woke in time to hear the results.  I'm mortified.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Early Morning in Minehead

Minehead waking up
The magnolias need a dull day to make them visible from my bedroom
My camera batteries don't last five minutes these days so thinking of my cruise in May I visited the camera shop and discovered batteries that don't need recharging, that last 'for ever' and are virtually weightless.
However my Sony VX is now quite old and the memory cards are different so the camera man is trying to find me some.  I really don't want to replace my camera.

Monday, March 31, 2014


One of my sons doesn't approve of cards but over the years - knowing they mean a lot to me- he has relented.

However there is always something a little different about them.
For example the Birthday card with the Morris Minor is very Free - one of his favourite bands.

It's F reg, 1968, the year Free formed.

It's a Minor Traveller, the car in which Paul Kossoff drove the band round the 
country when they started.

And it's going "Over The Green Hills" their first recorded song.

The Mother's Day card he bought because he thought it looked like me.  In fact it is me.
Well spotted Angus.

The photos are acting up; please click on the first to see the whole thong