Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miss Marple Update

The doorbell rang and there was a man with a rucksack on his back and leaflets in his hand – and nothing like the figure I had seen. We had a chat and established that we didn’t require new windows, and that he always had his rucksack, with his ID inside.
Time to phone neighbourhood watch - no answer - so I left a message and decided to call the police.

It took some time to find the number as I had no intention of dialling 999. I spoke to someone on a switchboard and told her the story. I had to give my DOB and place of birth but I assumed this was for security reasons. After I had told her all I could think of I was given a very long security number and told that someone from our local station would get in touch – possibly tomorrow. She was polite and helpful throughout.

Not long after – before lunch, I got the phone call from K and when I told her I had the photo on my computer she asked if I could send it to her. We exchanged details and I trotted off to do the deed but got a message that it couldn’t be delivered. When I spoke to K we decided that it would possibly be their security that was the problem and she asked if I could print a copy. I told her this would have to be black and white and she said she would collect it around 2pm and would ring just before to let me know and that I shouldn’t worry that she was in mufti – but she was a police officer. By this time she was beginning to feel like an old friend.

To my surprise the black and white print was clearer and looked like something from Crime Watch. I went to open the gate for K and eventually a pleasant young woman in jeans turned up on foot. We examined the photo in the kitchen and just for my own satisfaction went through the story again. She emphasised that I should never put myself in danger and when I told her about the wood she said someone who had problems but was harmless, was living there.

I asked K if anyone recognised the figure if she could let me know. Soon after she had left she rang to say the sergeant thought he might recognise it but he would like to see it in colour so I gave K my URL so they could see it on my blog. Two new readers- yippee!


problemchildbride said...

Policewoman K sounds nice and thorough. You did the right thing calling her.

I'm sorry of I sounded bossy in my last comment. I just don't like the idea of you coming face-to-face with someone who could hurt you.

Queenie said...

Seems like a lot of work to go to just for two new readers!! Did you realise your initials also stand for Private Investigator?

PI said...

Sam: I don't call it bossy - I call it caring and I love it. She was pregnant too.xoxox

Queenie: clever girl for spotting that - I hadn't noticed. The two new readers was just a happy by-product and I'm sure - like one of my sons they'll not 'get blogs'.
No I get passionate about not letting this place sink into a den of iniquity, like so many other places one knew.
Oh dear I've just heard David Cameron's son Ivan has died. That is so sad.

Dr Maroon said...

Tell me Pat, were you ascending the steps to the church around 11:15? Just a hunch.
Hmmm, I don't like the look of him, I don't like the sound of him, I don't like the cut of his jib one bit. Semper vigilo, that's the ticket.

lom said...

Well done to you Pat

scarlet-blue said...

You did the right thing Pat.
I'd better catch up with the news.

Kim Ayres said...

So will we be treated to a Crimewatch Reconstruction on TV soon? Who would you like them to get to play you?

Eryl Shields said...

I love the word mufti, and am very impressed by someone who can wear jeans when pregnant.

Very, very sad news about David Cameron's son: to lose a child is unimaginable.

PI said...

Doc: so many potential Watsons:) I dropped Latin in the upper thirds but fortuitously MTL is to hand and I do always.

LOM: thank you;)

Scarlet: don't let me be setting you any bad examples semper be careful.

Kim: I might be tempted myself:) Somewhere I still have an Equity card, and I'm the right age and look similar. Do you think I should be more doddery - for dramatic effect?

PI said...

Eryl: she was tall and could carry it off. I didn't know till she told me - July.
There were some very sad phone calls on Jeremy Vine from people with children with the same problem. Ivan had a short and very difficult life but he had a very loving family and the care of the NHS at its best - as I remember it from the forties.

R. Sherman said...

Good job, Sherlock!

Query: Does YTL play Watson in the movie?


Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, you're right about trying to keep the place clean. Once standards start to slide, that's it. But be careful next time please, Ms. Marple.

Hello police [wave, wave].

Jimmy Bastard said...

Always be vigilant, and trust no one until you are sure of who they are and what they are.

Take extra care hen.

PI said...

Randall: he is the boss and so would be Sherlock - but as he pointed out - Sherlock was a drug fiend, so I'll just muddle along as Marple.

GG: it's that wave of adrenalin which can get one into trouble but I'll be careful.

Jimmy: I trust you:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a fantastic Follow Up...! I love that you didn't just forget about it....Sometimes we see things and though you want to do something about it, you just don't get around to it....Good For You, Pat....

PI said...

Naomi: as someone used to say 'I've started so I'll finish':)