Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Jaunt.

Weather’s fine and warmer and we’re off up North Hill - an easier walk as grand-daughter has only brought one pair of shoes and I ‘m avoiding rocky down- hill paths. We’re rendezvousing with MTL at lunchtime and then who knows? I suspect real ale may be involved. Sorry if you’re hanging over the wash tub


rashbre said...

real ale sounds better than wash tub.

granny p said...

Wash tubs? I thought 'monday is washing-day lark went out with....washtubs...?

Glad real ale didn't. Not that I like it - or any ale - but that's not the point. x

PI said...

Rashbre: I suspect my real ale drinkers have very little contact with the wash tub.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I've never tasted ALE...and I'm not a Beer drinker so which do you prefer?
It is pouring on and off here---AND, very very VERY Windy....You can hear the wind trying to get in the house....!
I'm happy that your "family" has fixed so many things, my dear....That is WONDERFUL! And I noticed the change of Profile Pic IMMEDIATELY....!

I did the "Washtub", yesterday--Sunday, is a good day for that, for me....

PI said...

Granny P: my Gran's spirit invades me sometimes and Monday was wash day come hell or high water. Nowadays I do a small wash most days (economical cycle and I don't use a dryer.)
Didn't someone say 'I don't like it but I like the men who do' or thereabouts?

Naomi: I don't drink beer although sometimes my son or MTl will beg me to have a taste of a particularly good one. I drank lager when I was younger but there is something satisfying about seeing a man enjoying a pint- as long as they don't overdo it.