Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The last of the snow - hopefully

Friendly faces

View from Porlock Inn car park
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kenju said...

Wonderful photos!! I love seeing England through your eyes.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

:PVE all the pictures, Pat....I always get such a feeling of "place" when you show us everywhere you have been.
THE PORLOCK INN looks delightful!

angryparsnip said...


What views you have. The view of St. Michael's is spectacular. In another life I would love to live somewhere like this.

R. Sherman said...

Great pics, as always. Wish I'd tagged along, inasmuch as I really need a vacation with some serious hiking.


PI said...

Judy: on e of these days maybe you'll see it through yours.

Naomi: MTL had his first funny turn there so it was ages before I would set foot in it- but the children persuaded us.

angry parsnip: we were discussing how we came to choose here and my son said it was me and MTL would go wherever I would be happy. I think it was mutual and certainly he often says how right we were to choose here.

Randall: we'd love to have you along but I think your hiking may be a little more serious:)