Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year’s Eve.

I sent my wishes early for my friends down under and finally to you all everywhere: may blogship fellowship prosper throughout 2009.
The end is nigh - bookwise – three more chapters today and – hopefully the last three tomorrow. Had a little hiccup when I found a chapter in the middle of a chapter – don’t know how that happened but sorted now. I dread to think how many trees I’ve squandered.

Our TV died today – bought in 1991, a Sony and now we are on my mother’s – also a Sony. I suppose it would be a good time to buy, but they are so complicated now and I haven’t really time to research them. Looking forward to being back to normal. Too tired to stay up with Jools(Holland). Night night. Sleep tight. Hope the bugs don’t bite.


Mei Del said...

hootenanny! xx

kenju said...

A happy and prosperous new year, dear Pat!

Z said...

If I were buying a television, I'd certainly ask my children what I want. I'm putting off replacement as long as possible too, but I think it'll be easier when I finally do get a new one. At present, I need two remotes just to get a programme and there are four altogether, and whole spaghetti crops of tangled leads.

Happy new year, Pat and YTL.

Jade of the Jungle said...

Happy new year Pat! All the best for 2009!


john.g. said...


PI said...

Mei: and to you and many of them.

Judy: thank you and you know what I wish for you.oxoxo

Z; if only mine were closer to hand - especially after a day like today - blogging hell. I do hope it doesn't augur for the rest of the year. Re TV's - I feel your pain:)

Jade: thank you and the same to you;)

John.g: did you stay up?xoxox

rashbre said...

A very Happy New Year - and looking forward to the next stage of your book saga!

You are right new style televisions are more 'sophisticated'.

We ended up buying a programmable remote controller to replace the collection otherwise needed to drive everything.

Very best wishes.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...


PI said...

Rashbre: thank you. We miss the digital programmes. Your PRC sounds a good thing to have.

Naomi: Thank you - I couldn't wish for anything more and the same to you.