Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Idle chatter

I’m so glad I went – at last - to see the doctor. I hadn’t met him before but he was friendly, humorous and gentle as he tested the movement in my arm and shoulder and then spent quite a time getting a history. He prescribed an anti – inflammatory drug and something to prevent indigestion from the drug, which he assured me was better than Rennies. I was also to go to the hospital to make an appointment for physiotherapy.

We assumed I would be at the end of a long waiting list but I actually had my first session today. I gulped when I saw the young strong man who was assigned to me – I never imagined it would be a man. They do get everywhere these days don’t they? Needless to say he was a poppet; warned me it might hurt whilst he investigated the movement and explained most carefully what he was doing and what was happening. He showed me a model of a shoulder with bones and ligaments and it seems I have an impingement syndrome and maybe a bit of bursitis. There is a little squishy bit under the acronium bone which I probably twisted in June and because of the bone above there is no way for the swelling to go.

However both he and the doctor were encouraging and said it wasn’t anything nasty and with the drugs and special exercises it should heal well. I had my first good all night sleep last night. The most difficult part was answering questions about how much pain, on a scale of 1 to 10. I feel a wimp when I think of people who are really ill and suffer, but it is true that a continual nagging ache with occasional burning is debilitating and stops you firing on all cylinders. As you know I have been making mistakes all over the place lately. As Zed said ‘Have you something on your mind Pat?’

I posted all my abroad Christmas cards after a lengthy queueing: 81p each for Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the States and a mere 51p for France. I’m out of touch but it does seem expensive – at least they were all charity cards.
I’d love to stay and chat but I’m meeting the three gels for lunch at the Italian.
Fortunately the weather has bucked up. Byee!


PI said...

Mei del: your comment was duplicated; I deleted one and they
both disappeared. Thank you for your wishes.xox

Kim Ayres said...

Hope you have a good lunch :)

scarlet-blue said...

A pain scale from 1 - 10?? I'm terrible at these sort of questions... I always say 5... and definitely never more than 7...

Hope you're feeling better.

savannah said...

isn't it fantastic when you know exactly what it is that's causing a problem, sugar? glad you're on the road to full recovery! xooxo

Zed said...

Glad to know that things are slowly getting better and there is nothing better than a full night's sleep, is there? Especially one followed by lunch with three gels ;)

I hope it gets better sooner than soon. Take it easy, Pat.

Eryl Shields said...

So glad to hear it can all be sorted without much ado. The pain scale question is a difficult one: when my mother-in-law went into hospital last summer she was asked that question and said '6' so they prescribed her paracetamol. Later when scans revealed a large growth on her pancreas the doctor came back and said 'we're not giving you nearly strong enough painkillers, why didn't you tell us how bad it is?' They gave her morphine after that. But unless you've experienced a 10 and known it was a 10 how can you gauge it?

Anonymous said...

Take keeps ! The fork blow maybe traitor !

At my place I no longer evaluate the pain ladder ,she surpassed the tolerance threshold :(

PI said...

Kim: it was great value. A wide array of mains for £3 - special deal. Of course by the time we added wine and dessert it wasn't such good value but quite delish.

Scarlet: yes I said up to five but there are many different kinds of pain I think, and the cicumstances make a difference.

Savannah: and also having a professional sympathetic ear.

Zed: thank you and it's a relief that we have a quiet time ahead so one can take it easy. Ish!

Eryl: some years back MTL was taken to hospital with appendicitis and as he seemed OK the ambulance went all round the houses to pick up other patients. When he was examined the surgeon said he was about to perforate and to be sure to warn our doctor that he was a stoic. He had been with BUPA for decades but chose to go on the general ward and as soon as he was able, was walking round fetching and carrying for the other patients whilst he was trailing a drip. Many of the patients were from the backstreet of Manchester - one was in bed with his flat cap on all the time and they used to steal the thermometers. I began to realise maybe I'd married the right guy.

Crabtree: the weather held but it was bitterly cold.
I hope you don't really have a partner who is a pain.

Sheri said...

Amen to "continual nagging ache with occasional burning is debilitating and stops you firing on all cylinders". My pain level is about 3 to 5 all day, everyday from Rheumatoid Arthritis and no one really understands your statemnet except someone who suffers from chronic pain.

Good luck with your shoulder. My shoulder required surgery. Hope that's not the case with yours.

lom said...

my card cost me £1 to send to OZ, but then I only have to send one abroad, so it wasn't to bad

Anonymous said...

If! The pain is part of my body, for twenty years!

(chimio this is not a cancer, inhibiting and anti-pain)

But which my body says me, my brain does all to be unaware of it!

R. Sherman said...

I'm glad things went well, and trust the recovery shall continue.


PI said...

Sheri: I really feel for you. I'm hoping an op won't be necessary. My son had one on his shoulder years ago- it got infected and left a big scar.

Lom:I think it depends on the weight - I had to put each one on the scales.

Crabtree: I'm sorry you suffer too. I wish I could make my brain be unaware of it.

Randall: at least it gives me and excuse for being cussed.