Monday, December 22, 2008

See- saw week-end


It’s been an up and down week-end. First we had a lovely surprise with a Christmas hamper from Fortnum and Masons sent by our family in Australia – still spoiling us from the other side of the world. Then every time I tried to do anything, like visit a blog I couldn’t – even my own. I was getting an XUL Runner saying a so and so Platform Version was not compatible with min something and max something. Complete gibberish!

I had down loaded an Apple update earlier which on reflection was a bit daft as my computer is an E machine. My # 2 son who admits to knowing nothing about blogging, very sweetly visited a forum and suggested I tried re- installing Firefox. I did and it worked. I hope this may be helpful to the tiny percentage of bloggers who are as dim as me.

The only comforting thing was I could e- mail and use Word so I did wonder if it was the Muse’s way of saying ‘Get on with the book!’ I will, I will as soon as I shut for Christmas.

Ending on a very happy note – we heard this evening that we have a new great- grandchild – Philippa Rosemary – 8lbs - and mother and baba are fine.

There’s still a gremlin in the works – I tried to get on line at 6am and only just managed it after re- booting. Heigh ho!


john.g. said...

Congrats on the new addition!

scarlet-blue said...

Hello Pat, I've just watched 'The Little Match Girl' and it got me as well...

Congratulations for your new Great-grandchild!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oy Vey! Sometimes there is nothing but problems with the Computer....! I do not use Firefox and so it is NOT Downloaded on my Computer....Perhaps Firefos IS the Problem....Do you use it a lot? If not, you might try removing it all together and see if that clears everything up....But, I know, I could be so completely wrong about!

I LOVE that you got this BEAUTIFUL Basket from the folks in audtrakia, AND A NEW Baby Grandchild, too! CONGRATULATIONS, my dear Pat---A Happy Time, Indeed!

sablonneuse said...

Congratulations on the new great grandchild. Hope you'll post a photo as soon as you can.

rashbre said...

congratulations on the new addition in time for Christmas.

Jade of the Jungle said...

Congratulations on the arrival of Philippa Rosemary! What a beautiful name.


Anonymous said...

Pat, congratulations on the arrival of little Philippa - what a lovely Christmas gift!

Fortnum & Mason's brings back such fond memories for me. I visited London as a teenager 8 years ago this November just gone. I was living in Germany and complaining to the friends I was staying with that this would be my first Christmas without a plum pudding - so off he trotted to Fortnum's and returned with two puds and some brandy butter. Bless.

PI said...

John.g: thanks. Actually I had very little to do with it's arrival:)

Scarlett: thank you. There are about half a dozen variations but I like that one the best.

Naomi: like so many of the names, Firefox just seemed to happen - i don't think I had any choice. I am now loth to down load anything as i'm surre you understand.

Sablonneuse: Thank you. I may not be allowed to post a photo. Very shy some of the family.

Rashbre: thank you - it does seem quite apt doesn't it?

Jade: thank you. I'm not sure of the spelling yet.

Miss Diarist: thank you. What a lovely story. Christmas pud and cake aren't my favourite things but I'm making an exception this year. Mince pies however are not my thang.

problemchildbride said...

Congratulations! What a lovely Christmas present!

Have a lovely Christmas, dear Pat.

R. Sherman said...

Just quickly popping in.

Thanks for stopping by. The EMBLOS is doing better and I hope she'll come home tomorrow. If I don't visit before, Merry Christmas to you, YTL and all you brood all over the world and the best for 2009.


Nea said...

I don't think you'll get very far without Firefox, it's what I use to access the Internet, but I didn't install it, that was done by the man of the house, and I wouldn't know where to start re-installing it. You're the Most High Tech Great Grandma I know. Congratulations and Happy Christmas.

granny p said...

Thought you were quiet, Pat. As for firefox - reliable in my experience, much more than safari. You're unlucky - or maybe it's being out in the wilds of West Somerset??

Congratulations on great grandchild.. you're much too young to be a great grandma...

Happy Christmas and all.

Kim Ayres said...

Congratulations on Phillippa Rosemary!

I've finally uploaded a couple of photos of our new grandchild.

In case I miss you later, hope you have a fantastic Christmas :)

PI said...

Sam: it's a lovely Christmas present to hear from you.xoxox

Randall: great news! Now your Christmas will be complete.xoxox

Nea: kind words indeed. Sometimes I surprise myself:) I hope you both and the girls have a great Christmas - wherever you are and a happy healthy 2009.xoxoxox

PI said...

Granny.P: me quiet? And too young? I like it:)

Kim : I saw your photos last night- a scrumptious baby! Congratulations!