Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hey Vicar – leave our kids alone.

(Apologies to Pink Floyd)


A vicar has banned the Christmas Carol ‘Oh little town of Bethlehem’ because it does not represent the modern- day reality of the troubled city.

Another vicar has rewritten ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ so it reflects modern Britain so instead of ‘Two turtle doves, and a partridge in pear tree.’ He has written:
‘Two addicts shaking and a poor homeless refugee.

A school choir was forced to pull out of a winter festival because its carols were ‘too religious’ for the event.

Teachers are not discussing Father Christmas in the class-room because of fears they could offend pupils from other faiths, according to a report.

I don’t remember any lasting damage to me, reciting the creed, even though I was a Unitarian in a Church of England school; and the Catholics were excused prayers.

Who are these people who insist on changing the fabric of British life to the detriment of our children?


kenju said...

They are the kin of the same idiots here in the U.S. who try to do the same.

Fire Byrd said...

I don't consider myself to be racist, but I do agree with the idea that if you live in a country you need to accept the customs of that country. And we as a society seem to have to please every culture going at the cost of our own sometimes. PC has gone mad and it's not to our benefit.
Thanks for your kind words about my story, much appreciated.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It all seems crazy to me...Like you, I do not fel any ill effects for singing Christmas Carols or anything else, from my childhood. One of the GREAT Experiences of my young life was singing THE MESSIAH in High School...It was SOOOO Beautiful---each time I could hardly get through it without crying.....!
I do not understand all of this fear now....If anything, it gave me a much briader understanding and a true aqppreciation for what Christmas was really about.

john.g. said...

This is so pathetic. I read today that a school removed a cross bearing Jesus on it from their rest room in case it offended Muslims!
I'm an Atheist, but i'm not offended!
PC gone mad again.

Kate Lord Brown said...

It drives me bonkers too Pat. Our school is liberal but for the first time the Nativity was included along with the children presenting how Christmas is celebrated around the world. They loved it, the parents loved it (not a dry eye in the house). Let's hope the PC idiocy is swinging back the other way towards common sense. Happy Christmas! x

PI said...

Judy: there was much that needed to be addressed but'the idiots' have gone way way too far.

Fire Byrd: it was a lovely story - very moving.

Naomi: I remember hearing the Hallelujah Chorus the day after my first kiss and I thought it must have been written specially.
Live and let live say I.

John.g: one does wonder where all the nonsense started. I don't want to get political but Labour don't seem to have any respect for traditions and customs.

Kate: that's a lovely idea. I'd love to have seen it.

Dandelion said...

I'm with you, PI. Last I heard, we had freedom of religion in this country, and that goes for Christian faiths too. Whatever would Jesus say?

And that's laying aside the fact that this is officially a Christian country.

Sheri said...

We had a case, when my kids were in high school, where a Jewish girl was in the Concert Choir and refused to sing Christmas carols. She brought a law suit against the school, the school board and the state. It went all the way to the Supreme Court. Why didn't the girl just sit out during the Christmas season? Why did she make such a big stink? I thought I'd heard it all, but vicars who change the words to Christmas carols? PLEASE!!

lom said...

WSe are slowly losing who we are. I am not religious and am not offended by other peoples religious songs or artefacts. Just think if all us non religious people got together and started to demand the removal of churches, mosques, temples etc, because they offend us.

When in Rome

PI said...

Dandelion: the older on is the more puzzling it is.

Sheri: that is incredible. Teenage rebellion I suppose. Bending over backwards to try to please everybody makes the whole thing a nonsense. One should either participate or not.

lom: it's the losing of our customs and heritage that upsets me most.

Jade of the Jungle said...

I completely agree with you, Pat, it makes me really cross too.

The funny thing is, I have yet to meet a single person who gets offended by any of these traditions or customs. Where are all these folks supposedly up in arms?

Grumpy Keith said...

Top this. Our local C of E school has decided not have the annual Nativity Play this year. Because of the high number of ethnic children in the school now (a C of E school?). They are doing a play of "Alice in Wonderland"

PI said...

Jade: that's an excellent point; to quote 'Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf' - "Who are these people?"

Grumps: Remember the song in WW2 'There'll always be an England'
As long as it doesn't offend anyone!

Anonymous said...

This seems to be a world-wide thing. Here in Australia we are also leaning over backwards to avoid offending migrants who may have a different religion. We pride outselves on being a Multi-cultural society but unfortunately those in a position to make decisions seem to forget we have our own culture and customs too, which are just as important to us as migrants' culture and customs are to them.

PI said...

Anon: in the end it seems to cause more dissension than there was before all the dogged PC started. Is it worth it?