Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Faffing

I have been looking for a silver or bronze top to wear with a black skirt which has delicate silver and bronze embroidery. The local posh frock shop had a silver top which looked like a circus so I tried the up- market second- hand shop and found a great bronze silk shirt in new condition which fits perfectly. I shall just swish it gently in liquid soap for delicates, and wear it to dinner on Saturday. Result!

Don’t you find anticipation is half the fun? I’m anticipating our Festive meal on the 17th. Decisions have to be made:

Festive Menu

First Courses

Scottish smoked salmon and caper terrine with a lemon drizzle and whole meal toast
Roasted butternut squash soup with just a hint of chilli
Pan-fried chicken livers with smoked bacon lardoons and a balsamic dressing
Duck and pork pate with red onion marmalade and toast

Main Courses

Traditional roast Somerset turkey with chipolatas, chestnut and hazelnut stuffing and fresh cranberry sauce
Daube of local venison slow cooked in red wine and juniper berries, finished with bitter chocolate
Sage- crusted Somerset lamb with a red currant jus
Bouillabaisse with red mullet, mussels and scallops
Festive vegetable, apricot and Stilton strudel

All served with fresh seasonal winter vegetables

Desserts & Cheese

Christmas pudding with brandy sauce
Chestnut Meringue mess
Chocolate and orange roulade
Poaches pears in mulled wine with a ginger and cranberry coulis
Somerset cheese platter with apple chutney and oaten biscuits
(Somerset Brie, Black Tower and Exmoor Blue)

To Finish

Coffee, tea or infusions with chocolate snowballs

Those are the choices – not the whole menu:)


Kim Ayres said...

I now have to find some tissue to mop up the drool on my laptop keyboard

Shane said...

Pat, you undersell / underdress yourself... Go for gold! London 2012... Minehead 2016!

Jack said...

Looks awfully good to me. Now, I just have to talk my wife into a little trip to England.

PI said...

Kim: tee hee! Serves you right for giving me a panic attack about my book:)

Shane: you're such man! Gold won't match.

Jack: I suspect she already is a fan - of England I mean:)

john.g. said...

We need photos Mum2!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Chocolate Snowballs leapt out at me...So I know that would be MY Finish....!
Okay. The Roasted Butternut Squash Soup....Then, The Turkey, And then....The Chocolate and Orange Roulade....I don;t even know what Roulade is---but if Chocolate is mentioned---Well, I'm there! (lol)

rashbre said...

No idea what the chocolate snowballs are, but they do sound rather tempting.

Debs said...

I'm never that clever when looking for something to wear, well done you, it sounds perfect.

Love the menu, can I come too?

scarlet-blue said...

I've imagined it and I've eaten the lot... but for some reason I'm still hungry...

Kath said...

I couldn't possibly choose between those! Well, except for the chicken livers - ew! haha not my thing :o)

PI said...

John.g: I really must remember to snap before I tuck in. Usually I forget:)

Naomi: a roulade is a sort if roly poly of mixtures - I think. We're meant to decide before the day in case they run out:)

Rashbre: they make a welcome change from petit fours.

Debs hi! It was just luck and perseverance:)

Scarlet: so much for mind over matter. I sympathise - my son will be here shortly and I shall attempt not to join in whilst he has a hearty snack.

Kath : me too, although I had to eat then once and they were quite tasty. Normally I skip a starter in favour of a pud but hey it's Christmas.

Nea said...

That's easy: I'll have the salmon followed by the turkey and some Christmas pud, please.

Z said...

It looks a gorgeous menu and I'd be happy to eat anything at all on it. I love chicken livers, but I think they'd be a bit rich before a big main course, so I'd opt for the soup. Then the lamb - venison tempted me, but again, chocolate in savoury dishes makes them awfully rich and filling - and then I'm a bit torn between the roulade, the pears and the cheese. I'll have pears, because I'll get chocolate snowballs with the coffee.

I notice that I started saying 'I'd' and by the end I was saying 'I'll'. I rather got into that!

Eryl Shields said...

I can just see you in bronze silk, gorgeous. And a silk shirt, which drapes a bit, I find, is perfect when one is going to be eating.

I love chicken livers, so would have to have those, then the lamb, then the Christmas pud. After which I would be wishing I'd worn a silk tent.

lom said...

can I have

Roasted butternut squash soup with just a hint of chilli

venison slow cooked in red wine and juniper berries, finished with bitter chocolate

Somerset cheese platter with apple chutney and oaten biscuits

tea with chocolate snowballs

Nice Old Gentleman said...

I don't know what on earth has happened to the postal service in this country

I STILL haven't received my invitation to your candlelit dinner!

PI said...

Nea: as usual you're no problem at all. But Christmas pud I can eschew without pain - and mince pies.

Z: yes you're right about the chicken livers. I've only had then once and although very tasty they were rich. That's a helpful observation about the chocolate venison - must consider. And the pears would be lighter. I'm nearly there:)

LOM: anything to drink modom?

Nice old gentleman: you're welcome as long as MR Grumps stays at home:) Two people haunt me - Mrs Bucket and Margot.

Zed said...

I think I'll just go and read through that again... I won't have the turkey though as I'm not a big fan - lamb or venison.... Hang on, must, simply must go through it again.

And do tell us what you choose. Pictures are necessary especially of you in that wonderful outfit.

PI said...

Eryl: I ironed the silk shirt today which was not a barrel of laughs but it earned it's keep tonight.
I'm on a slippery slope, diet wise, just now. Must pull my horns in soon.

kenju said...

Oh. My. Lord! Can I come to your dinner???

lom said...

A nice full body red please

sablonneuse said...

I'm sure you'll look stunning whatever you wear.

PI said...

Judy; yes please:)

Lom: I'll just make sure it's a chambre modom.

PI said...

Zed: I hope I can choose by Wednesday. Trouble is I could eat most of it.
MTL has never been known to get my head in a photo. Funny that.

moon said...

OMG that all sounds mouth watering!!! Is there room for me and a handsome husband of mine? lol

PI said...

Moon: come on over - the more the merrier:)

PI said...

Rashbre: they are truffles dusted with icing sugar. I discovered.