Wednesday, June 13, 2007



I’ve never been much good at making things. My knitting, to help the war effort, always developed holes that had to be darned afterwards and sewing was limited to necessary repairs when the children were little. I had creative periods in pregnancy when I embroidered the midriff of my sons’ nighties and sewed lace round the sleeve edges and satin ribbon round the blankets, and that was it.

About 27 years ago I changed my life and found I had long lonely hours to deal with. I knew attempting anything fine and delicate would be a disaster bur remembered how the whole family used to join in making rugs, to keep out the howling gales from under the doors and decided to make a rug.

I am proud of it – it measures 72” x 45” and sits comfortably in the hall. I was inspired to show it off by John G (see side-bar) showing a beautiful painting of birds, which he did when he was younger. I’d love to stay and chat but I have a date with the M 5. ( a motorway)



Z said...

You made that rug? Pat, it's gorgeous.

Hope the driving went well. No motorways round this way, East Anglia was constructed to keep the visitors out and the residents in!

Kath said...

It's beautiful! I would definitely have that in my home.
My mom knits, and not matter how many times I've tried (3) I can't seem to pick it up!

granny p said...

Did you really make that? Wow. (Speaking as someone else to whom needles - of any creative kind - are foreign.)xx

Drama Queen said...

Hey welldone. And enjoy your date, hope he's not late :-)

R. Sherman said...

My hat's off to anyone with creative ability. I can't even draw a decent crooked line.

Nice rug, BTW.


kenju said...

WOW! That's beautiful, Pat! Did you go into business making rugs?

PI said...

Z; thank you Z. An eventful drive but all's well that ends well.

Kath: I had the same trouble with knitting - picking up all the time - the stitches I'd dropped:)

Penny: I'm beginning to wonder but it did take months.

DQ: he was late but phoned first to warn me.

Glad you like to Randall!

Judy: thank you! No - one rug that size was more than enough for me.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I remember an aunt saying that creative work for her is therapy. It does soothe, it's true.

That rug is so beautiful I wouldn't want to walk on it!

Carmi said...

That is a beautiful work of art, Pat. I'd be torn over whether to lay it out on the floor or hang it from the wall.

You should do commissions!

PI said...

Carmi thank you! It is far too heavy to hang and happily bears all the family's tramping feet. It's a one-off, absorbing me during a period of transition.