Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Busy busy!

That’s the driving lessons over then. Great value for £150. Last week it was all about manoeuvring and I discovered that parallel parking was not my thang. I did tell Pete that I always walk into town and will walk half a mile rather than do difficult parking, but he thought - quite rightly - that there could be occasions when one had to, and I should give it a go, I must see if there are any little cars in the nursery and try to get the wheel turn in my head.

Today, our last day, we went up Porlock Hill. There are two hairpin bends and the gradient is notorious. You must keep the revs up and I tried the worst one in second, realised it wasn’t going to make it and scrunched down into first wildly trying to control the wheel at the same time. We made it - albeit messily. Would that have failed me in the Pass plus I wondered. Pete said it was adequate rather than excellent. He said he didn’t tell me to go up in first, in order to see what I would do, and I have to admit that having done it – less than excellently - I shall remember in future that it has to be first.

We had an interesting encounter in a country lane with two white vans but I managed to brake and squeeze into the hedge and didn’t hit the car on my tail. Not a good idea to be describing Dawn’s fantastic confrontation with Rob – she socked him on the jaw –(in Eastenders) , whilst driving on a narrow country lane. In another country lane I had to reverse about half a mile to let two cars pass, although Pete said they had a space a few yards behind them. They did not get a sweet smile.

Tomorrow its girl’s day out and on Thursday it’s yet another of our anniversaries and we are spending a night at The Castle of Comfort - and I’m driving.


john.g. said...

Oooh,er, careful....mum!

PI said...

John: aren't I always? Have no fear!

kenju said...

Pat, I know you are glad they are over! Congrats and happy driving forever more!

Kim Ayres said...

I'm impressed you survived Porlock Hill. It's a 1 in 4 isn't it? I've been down it a couple of times and smelled the brakes by the time I got to the bottom.

Apparently my grandfather used to ride his motorbike up it before the days it was tarmacked

PI said...

Judy: you are so right - thank you- but Pete was a sweetie and I hope a bit of his 'laid- back-ness' has rubbed off.

Kim: next time you must go up it. My Dad drove his motor bike and side-car up it, with Mum, my brother and I; and to the day he died he insisted that he drove straight up it, and Mum insisted she had to get off!

TLP said...

Bravo for taking driving lessons at this point in life. I took lessons at age 16 and have now been driving for almost 50 years. I was so cocky at age 16...thought I knew it all. If I were just starting out now to learn how to drive, I think I'd be scared.

PI said...

TLP: I was feeling scared so it has been therapeutic and I now know I am a reasonably safe driver and have as much right as anyone else to be on the road. So bully boys can look out!

Granny said...

Good for you. I'm not sure I'd have the nerve to start learning now.

I can hardly remember when I didn't drive. Now it's primarily for errands, not pleasure.

Even if you never use it, it's a valuable skill to have.

ej said...

Alright ! Do visit


PI said...

ej: when I have a moment. I'm out gadding for a couple of days.

AndrewM said...

Praise the Lord!

Check out the link, dearie.

And how many anniversaries do you have?

R. Sherman said...

Actually, I'd like to see you driving the motorcycle/sidecar arrangement, hair flowing in the breeze. You should try it, now that the car thing is under your belt.


apprentice said...

I can tell you're charming the socks off the driving instructor!

Love the stockings pic. Enjoy your outings.

PI said...

Thank you Granny! I'm going to start using it tomorrow:)

Andrewm: sorry didn't realise! we have 6 or 7 a year.

Randall:righty ho! With my left foot cracking walnuts!

Anna:he did look a bit sad when we said good-bye:)