Saturday, June 23, 2007

More black and white photos

These two make me smile because they are so Greek.


Bev Sykes said...

talk about sitting low in a chair! (Came here thru Michele. I've been here before)

PI said...

Hi Bev! You must come again:)

R. Sherman said...

Love the Greece photos.

I spent a week in the Agean in the early 80's sipping ouzo, eating bread and feta cheese and getting a tan.

Good times.

PI said...

Randall: you had to watch the ouzo!
My favourite was red mullet with Greek salad washed down with village wine - no additives so no hangover - then baclava and then a somnolent afternoon. Happy Days:)

Carmi said...

I've always loved the Greek spirit. It's so focused on living life well, and your pictures - even the bottomless seat - capture that.

PI said...

Yes Carmi: i admire the Greek spirit and I'm not just talking about the ouzo:)