Friday, June 23, 2006


Story contd.

A Burgan is a rucksack. The Albatross is a hard-backed poetry book and I see we still had to use identity cards. Some of you hardier climbers may raise your eyebrows at pearls and such but a girl likes to be prepared. I could point out that I have learnt that less is more.
But I’d be lying


AndrewM said...

It says 'Membership Card'. Are you sure that's the same as an identity card?

Just asking.

PI said...

anderwm: actually it says membership card twice - 3 and 21.
21 says handbag containing money, make up, PO Savings, Identity card and Membership Card.
I'm afraid overleaf there is also 28 camera - 29 something illegible and 30 Underskirt! I like the 'Hangers if room' all to go in one rucksack.

R. Sherman said...

Frankly Pat, I never leave the house without an 18 inch double strand of Tahitian Pearls. :)


PI said...

Thanks Randall - that's my laugh of the day!