Tuesday, June 27, 2006



Off on a short break.  Back on Friday.  Don’t go anywhere.


Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

Are you going anywhere nice?

Have fun!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Wait a minute! What happened to you and the part aboot getting married or something?

(Notice I said aboot. I am trying to become a Canadian.)

PI said...

Sam: Thanks. Woolacombe-now that the weather has broken! Hopefully it will buck up.

Hoss: A girl doesn't just get married - stuff happens. Contd on Friday.
PS It has always been an ambition to be able to reproduce orally that 'aboot'. Not so easy for a Brit.

Z said...

Heh heh, making us wait for the next installment is such a tease. Have a good time.

Word verification 'mevwaehy'. Sounds like a yodel if you stretch it out a bit.


Perish the thought. 'Ave a good 'n

kenju said...

Hurry back!

Francis K. KEOUGH said...

I saw your post on New Sisyphus.

Thank you for your comment; especially since I have a son serving overseas as a Navy Aircrewman.

You Brits have been staunch comrades for a long time. Oh, we have our little argumetns; like any family, but when the chips are down you're there.

I'm as proud as any American can be to see Cornet Prince Harry will be serving in Iraq. If he would be King, needs must he learn to lead.

England (both the country and the idea) is undergoing great stress. I feel for you, my original homeland of years ago, but I can do nothing for you. I do hope you find your way out of Eurabia.

Best Wishes,
Auburn, Maine, USA
Sergeant (Ret.), Lewiston Police Dept.

Kath said...

Have a great & relaxing time (if that's what you'd like, who knows, maybe you're going wild and crazy on us!!)

Growing Up said...

Hope you had a fantastic time away.

Theblonde said...

There, I've finally caught up, and now you are off galavanting again!

PI said...

z; I commented before I went away and it has disappeared. What is Blogger playing at? Nothing vital - just another funny WV.

judy and 4d: thanks - we were blessed with the weather and chilled.

frank; Welcome and thank you. It was most sincerely felt. Half my family have settled in the States and no politicians can break those bonds. And some of my nicest blogging friends are Americans so its still hands across the sea for me.

kath: I'd like to think my wild and crazy days were over - but you never know!

PI said...

GU: thanks. I was thinking about your family and the new posting. I know you hope for a house but what would the alternative be? Not a tent surely?

the blonde: I'm back - I'm back! I hope all went well for you.