Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Evan,my younger brother used to faint at the sight of blood - very inconvenient as he was always in the wars. On his first motor bike he and his girl friend collided with a sheep. The girl friend had a grazed knee - Evan took one look and keeled over. Someone sent for an ambulance and the ambulance men carted Evan off to hospital and left the girl friend with the bike Posted by Picasa



Handsome chap. Sheep are dangerous beasties. Just ask me Uncle Cyril.

PI said...

4d: he was a darling. No-one ever said a bad word about Evan and he had a lot to put up with with two bossy sisters - especially Maddie!

R. Sherman said...

Good story. I can picture the girlfriend holding the bike as the ambulance sped off. I hope she knew how ride.