Monday, June 26, 2006



PAT           Student nurse.

MADDIE   Pat’s sister

EVAN         Pat’s brother

ANDREW    Naval officer who has proposed to Pat

JAMIE          Oxbridge undergrad who Pat met through her sister.

LIAM             Jamie’s brother who used to go out with Maddie and is still a friend.

PAUL             Maddie’s husband.

AUNTIE JANET     Pat’s mother’s sister.  Now living in the States.

UNCLE BILL      Pat’s dad’s brother – her favourite uncle – now deceased.

SARAH            An old friend      of Pats and the family.

GINNY           A nursing friend- about to go on holiday with Pat.

ANNIE             An old nursing friend who left to do Fevers.

THE MILLER FAMILY   Pat nursed the son David.  His parents are Hector and        Maria.  His sisters Hannah and Carmela.

ALEC        Undergrad friend of Jamie’s’ about to go on holiday with Pat, Jamie and Ginny to the: Lake District.

THE AUNTS     The maiden ladies – Eileen, Jean and Marion who brought up Maddie from the age of six.


Z said...

Ooh, a cut-out-and-keep guide. Wonderful, just like War and Peace.
(I love War and Peace, this is a compliment)

PI said...

z; yeah well me and Tolstoy think the same way. (I wish!)


Old Joanie used PI as a title for one of her books. Is she guest starrin' later on? Loved them shoulder pads on Dysentry. I've printed this off t' keep track!

PI said...

4d: it's the limit when I lose my comment in my own box. Here goes again! I saw the other day that Joanie and I had the same idea and find there are a number on Google. I'm not saying whose was the most imperfect past. Who am I to judge. No appearance scheduled but I'm an admirer. Good idea re print out. You'll be able to tell me when I boob!

panthergirl said...

I love that you've done this. It's such a great idea!!

Here via michele again, so I decided to dig back a bit. ;)

PI said...

Hi panther girl! that's very brave of you. Thank you!