Thursday, June 01, 2006

Amazing what you can see if you cut a hole if the hedge! 
This jasmine was given to me some years back, as a small pot plant, by no 1 son. Its fragrance now permeates the downstairs loo. Posted by Picasa


Kath said...

How lovely!

PI said...

kath: difficult to control - its the bit in the middle I can't reach!

fjl said...

Very nice indeed. I
I'm thinking if putting some piccys of my house in, but I wonder how vulnerable it makes one. Much more effort goes into it than the blogs, the same amount as the research, so it seems a shame not to show it more x

I love a private tucked away home, mine is the same from that point of view. Right at the end of Oxford, it has been named 'wit's end' on many occasions.

PI said...

Felicity: my comment has disappeared. I agree one has to be careful so only show an unrecognisable bit. Mine has to get past my husband who is paranoid about privacy!