Friday, June 23, 2006


Story contd.

I knew I was going to miss Andrew whilst he was on leave but it was good to have some breathing space. On a sudden whim I phoned to tell him the Millers were taking me home to see Mum and Dad and that all was well which succeeded in mystifying him even more. Oh hell!

Two nights later the three of us set off and Hector had us in stitches trying to work the wind-screen wipers with his nose. I wondered how they would all get on and what they would think of our small cramped house compared to their beautiful home. Dad was a factory hand and Hector was a Jewish solicitor. I need not have worried. Both Dad and Hector were wags and they entertained each other and us all with their stories and antics. Mum had laid out a table of goodies and we munched and laughed the night away. I had a quick word with Mum in the kitchen about the proposal and as usual she calmed me down with her -
‘Don’t worry. Just see what happens.’

All too soon it was time to go and we sang in the car all the way to the Millers. Hector was going to drive me to hospital, as it was so late and I was surprised to hear Maria ask meekly if she could come too. The women in our family would have taken it for granted that they could do as they pleased. Hector said yes and we all laughed when Maria said she must first take her corsets off. Like my mother she was cuddly and curvy.

The next fortnight passed pleasantly playing lots of tennis – with Evan at home and girls at hospital. One night I cut and set four nurses hair (they were very trusting) and plucked beetle- browed Bella’s eyebrows. The medical ward I was on was very demanding and stressful and it was good to totally relax with girly time.

Andrew behaved impeccably – one post card, a silver card to celebrate our six month anniversary arriving on the precise date and a letter – loving and not at all hectoring.
Jamie wrote sounding deflated. He had nearly finished schools (exams) just had three six hour Practicals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And he expects us to be able to cook. At least Mrs Miller had taught me how to make delicious tomato omelettes.

David – back at base - phoned and we arranged to meet for the last time before my hols. We saw ‘Passport to Pimlico’ which was very amusing and we had a happy day. Relationships are like a see-saw – rarely perfectly balanced – one or the other up in the air and the other feet touching the ground – the latter in control. I seemed to be in control just now. He had bought me some Chanel No 5 perfume but had forgotten to bring it. I promised to write often and to phone as soon as we were back.

At home the next day I went swimming with Dad in Jack Lodge and finished packing. Next stop my beautiful Lake District. YIPEE!


PI said...

Horror of horrors! Mistakenly in the last but one paragraph I said David instead of ANDREW.
It is my worst nightmare and I am sooooo sorry and I shall kneel on peas for the rest of the day.

kenju said...

Kneel on peas? Is that supposed to be a punishment? LOL

PI said...

Judy: If they are dried and hard as bullets - yes. Don't try this at home!xox

Theblonde said...

Love your 'relationships are like a see-saw' comments. So fitting!

PI said...

theblonde: yes that wretched see-saw.