Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Turkey with all the trimmings

Turkey with all the trimmings

The girls and I met yesterday in our friendly bistro to have a Christmas lunch together.  We are down to three since Margaret deserted to Cheltenham and the day before Joy phoned to say she wasn’t very well and was doubtful if she would make it.  I told her to see how she felt on the day – only she could decide and we would be in touch.  I then phoned Jackie to make sure she could still make it and warned her that Joy probably wouldn’t.
The bistro was bustling when I got there and I was glad to have reserved a table.  Jackie was there already having convinced herself it was 12.15am instead of 12.30am.  We always meet at 12.30am for lunch.  As we had a large table for four I told Kym the owner, we would probably just be the two of us and would she like us to move.  Fortunately she told us to hang on because a little while later Joy wandered in.  They both were a bit tired so I took their orders: water for Joy, orange juice for Jackie and rose pour moi (I know it isn’t the week-end but it was a Christmas lunch.)
The girls decided to have the pensioner’s chicken – slightly smaller serving and cheaper - whilst I had the Christmas lunch – turkey with all the trimmings.  Because that is what we had originally ordered we had Christmas crackers but we decide to leave them un-pulled as only one of us was entitled.  The girls rallied, enjoyed their lunch and managed the delicious fruit crumble.  I enjoyed all the different flavours – super bread sauce – delighted I wasn’t the chef but it really was a man size helping and I reluctantly had to leave some.  Miraculously I found space for blueberry cream.
A lady none of us knew came up and offered us an after- eight mint “because it’s Christmas”.  Her name was Ada and it was such a sweet idea we happily partook.

As we are having my lemon chicken on the day I booked dinner for Saturday so that MTL can enjoy the same.  I have done that marathon for so many years under varying circumstances; it is an arena I am happy to bow out from.
I’m now off to Taunton to attend a funeral and there are flood warnings.  I’m getting a lift with neighbours – I don’t think it is necessary for MTL to attend.  Fingers crossed we don’t get swamped.



OldLady Of The Hills said...

It's wonderful that all three of you made it, for your special Christmas Luncheon....! Your meal sounded wonderful, my dear...!
The weather there sounds quite dreadful---I hope you do not get swamped!!
It turned VERY cold, (for here), and incredibly windy, the "wind-chill" factor makes it seem even colder.
I can't keep up with these extreme weather changes---One day you need your Air Conditioning---The next--Your Heat!
I cannot believe that Christmas is almost here...Time just seemed to go like the wind...!

Chef Files said...

It sounds as though the real Christmas crackers were getting stuck into the nosh!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I love this blog for is utter Britishness. (Is that a word? My spell check says not.) It's food for a starving Anglophile such as myself. I've always wanted to spend Christmas in the UK. Maybe someday...

John Greenwood said...


angryparsnip said...

Sounds like a lovely lunch out with friends.
I like your idea for a simpler Christmas dinner and then have a day out for another dinner.
Do tell what is your lemon chicken ? I am always on the lookout for new chicken with lemon dishes.

cheers, parsnip

Pat said...

Naomi; home safely and it was good to spend a few hours and get to know better my kind neighbours.
The service celebrated the life of our friend Roy and the party afterwards at a nearby hotel would have been just what he would have wanted.
No flooding:)

UB: Britishness is SO a word.
What do spell check know?
We like satisfied customers:)

Chef: somebody has to.
Do you know your photo is misleading? I always think you are faceint the other way with a small bosom.

John: once a year is fine with me.

Parsnip: glad you approve of my idea. I'll look up the recipe and report tomorrow.

Guyana-Gyal said...

You know what I like? The way you and your friends make the effort to meet and be together.

And the food, mmm. Never mind John G. ugh-ing away, there's lots of other things to go mmmmm about.

Pat said...

GG: it isn't aseasy asit used to be I admit.
I wonder if John has given it a fair chance:)

Chef Files said...

You mislead me dear lady on many an occasion with your constant flirting about my small bosom. And is that sweet sherry I can smell on your breath?

Shame on you, see me after church on Sunday.

Bernie said...

WOW... That meal sounded delightful!!! Glad the three of you enjoyed it!!

Sorry to hear of the funeral, and stay safe with the flooding!!!

Pearl said...

"Miraculously I found space for blueberry cream."

This is why I like you so much. :-)

Sorry to hear about the funeral -- and the flood warnings. My condolences.


Pat said...

Chef: so you're not going to change the photo then?

Bernie: thank you - all is well.

Pearl: thank you - the feeling is mutual:)

Chef Files said...

For you my dear I would change the world. I didn't see you deny the sherry by the way... tsk, the youth of today!

lom said...

If you don't finish your dinner you don't get pudding, naughty. :)

It sounds like you had a lovely day out.

A Merry Christmas and a peace filled New Year to you and yours.

and when are we going to see a picture of your tree?

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch with your friends. We have Christmas day lunch out at a local restaurant and I always choose the traditional turkey lunch with the stuffing. But I don't like Christmas pudding, its far too heavy for me. :)

Pat said...

Lom: I always leave a clean plate normally - but then I usually do the serving.
All seasonal wishes to you and yours. the tree is just like the last few years but a bit tattier.

Joey: good thinking. If I never saw Christmas cake, pud and mince pies ever again - it wouldn't bother me in the least.