Friday, December 21, 2012

Lovely Day

It really has been today - mild and sunny - easy parking at the surgery and at last I was able to collect
the shingles vaccine which I have been fratching about since September.
First I had to wait until after the 'flu vaccination had taken effect and then no-one seemed to know anything about it and I was told variously: it didn't exist, it was unobtainable and it was our of stock.  I finally managed to speak to the manufacturers who assured me it was not out of stock.  Another few weeks elapsed and yesterday I discovered it was safely sitting in the pharmacist's fridge to be collected today.

"You are very lucky to get this on prescriptiion" - said the nurse and I told her that right from the beginning I had insisted on paying for it myself.  According to my research the Health Service is shortly going to make it available, on prescription, to the over sixties. 
Thanks to my Canadian friend Jack Bush for the heads up.

Then on to the Coop for definitely a final shop - quite painless and everyone helpful and festive.  Home to more cards from old friends and a lovely Fortnum's Hamper from our Australian family who we always spent wonderful Christmasses with.  I know that is a preposition but this is just chatting.
I hope it's been a lovely day for you - I'm sure we'll have to batten down the hatches tomorrow,
Yippee it's Friday I can have a drink:)


kenju said...

I'm glad to know you had a good day. The shingles vaccine has been available here for quite a while. I had it about 4 years ago. everyone ought to get it - shingles is very painful.

Chef Files said...


Granny Annie said...

Wow, you wait until Friday for a drink? I only wait until 4:00:) That's PM not AM!

Guyana-Gyal said...

I don't know how you do it, Pat, but you always make the world feel better.

It's sunny in Florida but the wind is chilly, brrrr. Today is the first day of winter [Florida-style, my sis-in-law tells me].

I went with my mother to see the oncologist. My mother seems fine, all's well, so far.

We are heading out to the boondocks to meet more family this weekend. NOISE with lots of children.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Pat said...

Judy: I'm afraid we are behind the times in some areas - and this is one of them.

Chef: you remind me of a small boy I used to chase round the kitchen table. And I could never catch him!

GG: great news about Mum. Give her a hug from me please. What a great cele brationyou aregoing to have. Ours will be a bit quieter:)

Pat said...

Granny Annie: it's just an experiment to lose the odd couple of obstinate pounds. I do deviate a little: the lunch on tuesday, the funeral on wednesday and whoopee it's Friday with Saturday and Sunday to follow.

mapstew said...

I have to wait until 11pm for me tipple tonight! (Dad's Taxi until then!)

Sláinte! :¬)


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, in point of fact---it's been a rough couple of days. A "Virus" came a-visiting my computer and I haven't been on to really do anything since Wednesday....The "virus" is gone, but now I have other problems...UGH!!!!
I'm happy that you had such a GOOD Day, my dear Pat!

Pat said...

Map: you're the Daddy:)

Naomi: aren't they the end? I'm getting weird messages about mail failure when I comment on my blog. And it is a load of irritating nonsense. I hope yours sorts itself out.

Eryl said...

Glad you had a day where everything went right.
I popped into Morrison's for some chillies and a loaf, it took me an hour and a half to get out. It seemed to me that all of Dumfries had decided to do their Christmas food shop today. I hope they all got everything they needed; I got much more than I thought I needed, including a delicious bottle of Chenin Blanc that I'm enjoying most happily.

Hope you enjoyed your Friday drink.

lom said...

erm didn't you have one the other day, with your meal? A drink that is.

Merry Christmas ;)