Friday, January 09, 2009



Trevor (new on the scene) has assured me a courier will deliver the printer on Monday and he personally will open it up, check contents and re-seal it. I asked why they couldn't collect and deliver on the same day - originally they were going to collect on Monday and deliver on Wednesday but then - he said - I would be without a printer. HELLO if a printer is minus its innards you are without a printer.
I await Monday with fear and trepidation and eternally sprung hope.


scarlet-blue said...

My laptop keeps making fizzing noises. I think it's going to die. I hate acquainting myself with new hardware, of any sort.

kenju said...

My fingers are crossed!

PI said...

Scarlet: at least you have young grey cells. Mine are disappearing

Judy: just had a message from Trevor - he has put one together and 'taken the liberty of assembling it' for me so I just have to plug it in.
I wonder if you are thinking what I'm thinking? No of course not:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm holding breath..(Well..Figuratively
I love him saying 'you'll be without a printer'....Like, that is NOT what you have been for days....OY!
Fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed, my dear.....!

Eryl Shields said...

What kind of fancy printer is this that has to be assembled, mine just had to be plugged in?

Good luck for Monday!

Z said...

Hm. Mind you, Trevor might have some clue what he's doing and at least he's tried.

You can have his guts for garters if it all goes belly-up. But do you want them?

Kanani said...

Nothing stresses me out like computer failures! Agh! The worst!!

Scarlet --take your laptop in immediately after backing EVERYTHING up. You might be on the way to a hard drive crash.

PI said...

Naomi: seewaht Trevor didnext in the comment to Judy above. We'll hold our breath together:)

Eryl: it's an HP laser printer and comes with a CD telling you how to assemble it and I don't find it easy so I'm grateful to Trev - providing it's not just a way of getting rid of another dud. Perish the thought!

Z: I wonder why we gels have suspicious minds? You're right - I don't want his guts - I have a belly full. Sorry!

Kanani: excellent advice for Scarlet.

Z said...

Hah! Splendid!

john.g. said...

Fingers crossed!!

problemchildbride said...

Wow, Pat! It sounds like a saga. I've got my fingers crossed for you too, hun.

PI said...

Z: thought you'd like that:)

John.g: eyes too please.

Sam: all that positive power - how can it fail?

miss diarist said...

So Pat, has the new printer behaved itself?

Ah, technology can be such a bother at times.

sablonneuse said...

Oooh, let's hope the last 9 pages are not lost! Good luck with the new printer.

PI said...

Miss D : I don't get it until Monday - if they keep their word.

Sandy: happily they aren't lost - just on the wrong manuscript. Once I get the printer I hope I can sort it out.