Thursday, January 08, 2009

Better out than in!

So anyway on Tuesday I tottered down to the local ‘puter shop, gave them my blue flashy, Hi- speed USB Drive and asked them to print out the last nine pages: 283 -292 and then to copy ? burn the whole document to CD – twice - i.e. two CDs as a belt and braces thingy.

At lunch time I got a phone call to say that there were a number of things on the drive but the pages of the relevant document ended at page 183 (so nine pages missing) although that apparently was the correct end of the story. It has taken me a day to work out what has happened. I had thought that if the drive was plugged in it would adapt every time I emended, altered or edited the document in Word. Not so. So I don’t have the last printed pages and the CD’s are out of date
All fixable once I have my printer working.

Wednesday we did the round 60 mile trip to get my printer replaced (bought in July and on a three years warranty.) No probs and was given a slightly up- dated version but, the box had been opened. I was assured that it wasn’t one that had been returned but at home, on unpacking, found there was none of the shipping packing and there didn’t appear to be a cartridge. Hmmm!

Today – after ringing round the houses I finally got through to the store although they never give you the number. No problem ‘bring it in and we will exchange it.’ I pointed out I wanted to be sure they were going to have the replacement in stock (unused) that we were both elderly and did not want to do another 60 mile round trip. Yesterday I had chatted to a female assistant and she was telling me about her daughter’s illness and happened to mention they had a chap from Minehead who worked there. Remembering this I asked if there was any way he could save us the journey and I‘m expecting to hear from him 11.30 this morning.

I expect by now you have switched off – who could blame you- but if not fingers crossed.


rashbre said...

So annoying when buying things that don't have all the parts or won't work properly.

Fingers crossed for today!

Eryl Shields said...

Fingers crossed indeed! And, don't you think, this shows what can come out of chatting to people, possibilities?

kenju said...

I'm sorry you have to go through that, and I hope that guy can do what you want.

PI said...

Rashbre: 'aint it the truth. 14.17 and so far no good:(

john.g. said...

POOH! That is all!

Z said...

Very naughty of them. I hope the chap from Minehead helped, but if not stand your ground. They have to courier it to you as it's their mistake and not yours. If you need an assertive person to phone, I'm your woman.

I'm sweet, but I'm assertive too. Actually, I think you are as well! xx

Mei Del said...

hoping there is good news

PI said...

Eryl: I'm always happy to chat. Unfortunately it seems he lives in Williton which he feels is too far away, so I'm back to hanging on the phone.

Judy: Sadly - see above, but at least I have now got the tel. no. of the store and I won't give up:)

John: that's a polite way of putting it:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Nothing is easy, is it Pat? LORDY!
I hope and pray the Man from Minehead got back to you and that you will have the BRAND NEW Printer in yout Hot Little Hands, as I write this!

I just read the comment where the Man From Minehead ISN'T!!!! OY VEY!
Like I said, nothing is easy.....!
Have a sip of Bubbly, my dear...It might ease the stress!

PI said...

Z: thank you - that's put a bit of steel in my backbone and I'm about to phone. What you say is absolutely true - I have done nothing wrong:)

Mei Del:me too. Here I go again.

Naomi: it's a bit early for bubbbly but I've put my hearing things on which always boosts my confidence on the phone.