Friday, January 02, 2009


Today I switched off – mentally - and had a pleasant time blog visiting. I’ve decided I deserve Nul Points for my filing, which is atrocious but I managed to find evidence that I bought the printer last July (doesn’t one lose track?) and have three year’s insurance. Coincidentally I got a letter today from P.C. World saying that my scanner insurance was running out and if I renewed it I would get a free health check for my ‘puter and the dear knows it needs it- blimey does it need it.

Have a good week-end every body. See you on Monday – it’s a special day


kenju said...

I hope you can get it all fixed and good as knew, Pat! Thanks for the visit today. It was nice to see your name among the comments.

Kim Ayres said...

What's special on Monday, other than the kids going back to school?

Z said...

Back up everything before you let PC World have your computer. Their idea of a health check can involve deleting stuff.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

A belated Happy New Year to you, Pat. It sounds as if you've made terrific progress with the book, despite the technological difficulties - so well done!

Eryl Shields said...

Can't wait to hear why Monday is special.

I wish you lived nearer, I'd get my son to check over your computer. He gets so many calls from people whom PC World hasn't been able to help. Good luck dealing with them.

PI said...

Judy: I spent all morning trying to trouble shoot the printer - to no avail so will get them to replace it as it's still on warrantry - for another two and a half years. I think doing all those pages in quick succession must have been a shock to it's system:)

Kim: well now for an old hand like you - as far as commenting here goes, it may be just old hat. You can tell me on Monday;)

Z: as always - that makes sense. Thank you:)

Zinnia: thank you. As if writing the ------ book wasn't difficult enough. I swear I've
ages 10 years in the last few months.
I forgot to include Top Bloke in New Year wishes but he gets them too.

PI said...

Eryl: hope you're not disappointed. Wouldn't that be luverly? Living closer I mean.

Kim Ayres said...

[slaps forehead] Doh! [/slaps forehead]. Sorry, of course I know. Hope it's a great day and puts you in a better shape of mind for the rest of January :)

PI said...

Kim: who's a clever boy then?