Thursday, January 29, 2009


(Lewis Whyld PA)

Sir Paul Stephenson - the new Commissioner for New Scotland Yard and I, have two things in common.
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Anonymous said...

..and they are ... ?

btw - I want to have 10k hits for my blogoversary - help me!!!


scarlet-blue said...

Give us a clue Pat???!!!

Kim Ayres said...

My guess is:

1) you both read Tam O'Shanter at school

2) you both met attended the same party with Andy Warhol in the 60s

PI said...

Beleek: your wish is my command:)
You have to guess Missus!

Scarlet : just for you- Aygness Deyn.

Kim: #1 is possible.#2 no!

Krimo said...

Did you ever sell shoes?
Was your father a butcher?

AndrewM said...

He went to BRGS and...

he can't get his printer to work properly.

Eryl Shields said...

You both look good in uniform and love finding new ways to eat chocolate?

PI said...

Krimo; yes I did in my shop but that 'aint it. My father was not a butcher but good research there!

Andrew.M:nothing wrong with my printer ducks - but warmish.

Eryl: sorry - not the right answer.

If no-one gets it right I'll tell you tomorrow.

kenju said...

He used to be a model? And he's writing his memoirs?

Anonymous said...

You were born on the same day (even if a different year)

You went to the same school?

PI said...

Judy: you could be right but that isn't what I had in mind.

Notes etc: I don't know his date of birth but you are half right. Well done!

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