Monday, June 01, 2009


We have a new tenant. At first MTL said it was a small robin – which is odd when you read the poem below - but it is a wren. I think the poem is an old Irish folk song and it ends in tears so I’ve just kept the happy bit.

The photo gives no idea of how exquisitely tiny he is. According to MTL - it’s the male who does the feeding. Imagine how tiny the babies are. We feel chosen.

It’s the 1st of June. White Rabbits everybody!

When Jenny Wren Was Young

'Twas once upon a time, when Jenny Wren was young,
So daintily she danced and so prettily she sung,
Robin Redbreast lost his heart, for he was a gallant bird.
So he doffed his hat to Jenny Wren, requesting to be heard.

"Oh, dearest Jenny Wren, if you will but be mine,
You shall feed on cherry pie and drink new currant wine,
I'll dress you like a goldfinch or any peacock gay,
So, dearest Jen, if you'll be mine, let us appoint the day."

Jenny blushed behind her fan and thus declared her mind:
"Since dearest Bob I love you well, I'll take your offer kind.
Cherry pie is very nice and so is currant wine,
But I must wear my plain brown gown
and never go too fine.


Keith said...

Lucky you. I have a birdhouse to lease, but after 5 years there has been no takers.

I do have a "guardbird" in the shape of a male blackbird though. If any cat shows it's face in the garden he goes into attack mode, and believe me, he can be really vicious. He has no concept of danger, he chases them away from his patch with a ferocity I have never seen before.

I have even seen him chase herons away from next doors fishpond.

Kim Ayres said...

Presbyterian values for a wren :)

PI said...

Keith: patience young man! we had it unoccupied since we came in '85.
I like the sound of your blackbird.

Kim: you've foxed me. I'm going to have to ask MTL to explain. OOOh I think I may have got it.

PI said...

When I hear Presbyterian I think Gordon Brown.

apprentice said...

How lovely. They are so sweet and their song is a joy. My eegit neighbour has just cut the ivy on our adjoining wall back, exposing at least two nests.

apprentice said...

PS, just read about your fall. I hope you are on the mend - you must have got an awful fright.

I'll be sending you some Danish pensioner padded panties if you don't watch out !:)

savannah said...

a good sign, sugar! xoxox

R. Sherman said...

I'm still waiting for a tenant for the bird house my elder son made several years ago.


lom said...

I want to hear the end now

PI said...

Anna: taught me a lesson. I keep forgetting I'm not in my forties. You meant Danish pastries I'm sure:)
What a silly neighbour!

Savannah: is it good luck?

Randall: you turn will come:)

LOM : google it. There's quite a lot of stuff.

rashbre said...

Brilliant to get wrens to use the nest box. Camera is poised, I am certain.

Eryl Shields said...

I love wrens they are so amazingly tiny. I have a pair of blackbirds who follow me around the garden, and a chaffinch who twitters at me if I get too close to the bush where she/he has set up a nest. No actual birdhouse though.

Today on my way to the beach I had to stop the car to let a mummy pheasant and her two chicks cross the road.

Scarlet-Blue said...

I have swallows in my car lodge! They keep making a mess on the cars though...

PI said...

Rashbre: wewwere just lucky. I wish I had a camera inside the box like Spring Watch.

PI said...

Eryl: nature is truly everywhere. 'on my way to the beach'. That sounds a bit hedonistic. I suppose it's the hols and your work load has diminished. Enjoy.

Scarlet: I have the same problem on my sun lounger. Not sure who the culprits are. We have a wire outside the family room and birds take turns to squat balance and poo. Sometimes they do it in unison with perfect timing.

Eryl Shields said...

No hols for me, my work load is piling up but I can't resist making the most of the warm weather, we get it so rarely here. I'll regret it in the long run!

PI said...

Eryl: quite right. We have to make the most of the sunshine. I haven't sat out in it for a very long time but these last three days have made myself lie out from 4pm - slathered in SP 15 over some fake tan and it seems to be blending in quite well.