Monday, June 15, 2009

Another day another Blogger.

Well I can tell you that the Blogger I had the great pleasure of spending some time with yesterday is Queenie It wasn’t like meeting a stranger - I don’t think meeting a fellow Blogger ever is – but we had two mutual friends, so knew a fair bit about each other already and I have been following her blog from the start. If you aren’t familiar go and have a read.

She was en route to a holiday in Devon to have a rest and put finishing touches to her novel. She is already a published writer and being familiar with each other’s oeuvre, if you’ll pardon the expression, there was lots to talk about; the difference between writing fiction and non- fiction and our different work habits. I’m very envious of her intellect – she has three degrees (but you have Jimi Hendrix the French son quipped).
We were both in celebratory mode – you’ll have to read her post – both enjoy good food and wine and a giggle - so it was a great day out.

Thank you for all the good wishes re MTL’s ankle; its just one of those boring ailments that takes time, and one is torn between resting it and avoiding DVT. The next few days I am determined we are both going to do the absolute minimum so that when our French son comes on Wednesday we can be bright–eyed and bushy tailed.

If you are at all interested in the arts, the Midi and Picasso do yourself a favour and visit Naomi - you won’t be disappointed.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like your visit with Queenie was WONDERFUL! It is so nice to meet up with fellow Bloggers and as you said...One truly feels you know the person so well, already!
Hopefully you and your MTL will rest up and he will feel tip top, very soob!
Thanks for the lovely mention, Pat.....And I know exacttly what you mean about that last photograph being a perfect ending for "GOODYE. PICASSO"....

Jimmy Bastard said...

Pat, as ever, your lust for life is infectious. I now look forward every day to getting up to my OJ and checking your blog.

Thanks for the daily lift.

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

I shall come and visit you one day Pat. Just please don't say what Mrs Pouncer did when we met.

CP: "You're not at all how I imagined you. I thought you'd be ..."

DWB: "Posher?"

CP: "Yes."

PI said...

Naomi: I hope lots of people read that wonderful post - and all the others too. Isn't it grand I can do links now. I must start doing them in comments - I have the info how to do it.

Jimmy: up there with OJ - I'm very flattered:)

Daphne: you do get around! Now how did you find Mrs P? I'd love to have been referee.
You weren't wearing clogs were you? I know how what an aficionado you are of deepest Lancashire.

Leah said...

That's very nice for you! I recently met up with a fellow blogger in NYC, and it was so much fun to put a real live being to all I knew about her from her blog.

I am going now to check out the posts...

kenju said...

I love meeting fellow bloggers, as you know, since I always write about it. Glad you had a good time.

I read Naomi's post yesterday and it was wonderful!! Imagine meeting Picasso? I sure can't.

R. Sherman said...

Naomi's post was a joy to read; I especially enjoyed the photos. Her entire "France Series" has been really fun.

Continued good wishes to YTL. I recommend you pamper him incessantly.


PI said...

Leah: I was very nervous the first time - there were two of them but each occasion has been a delight. We are really off the beaten track here so people have to be quite keen.

Judy: we are lucky to have her and her wonderful posts. I think you do it (blog meets) more often than I do but then you are just a young gadabout:)

Randall: yes I bless the day I discovered Naomi's blog. I wrote to tell her of my delight when I discovered that a great tome I treated myself to years ago was 'Goodbye Picasso' by that very man (the photographer)with stunning photos.
I pamper him when he's good. He went out alone today so that's progress. And we are both looking forward to tomorrow when our French son comes.

savannah said...

i seem to be slightly behind in my reading, sugar! you are always a joy to read. xoxox

PI said...

Savannah: that's sweet of you to say so.xoxox

Guyana-Gyal said...

It's true what Jimmy Bastard says about your lust for life, it's so refreshing. I'm sure Queenie was impressed too.

PI said...

GG: lust? And rubber shoes? I don't know what MTL will say:}