Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Mean Feat

I must remember to remove my toe-nail varnish before visiting the chiropodist tomorrow. She likes to see feet in all their naked glory. Thanks to Treva Sandals and Aigle boots I haven't been for months but it always feels blissful afterwards.
Talking of feet - Jimmy takes a size 14 - 16 in boots and has Japanese tourists queuing to photograph them.
I couldn't help noticing that Queenie had the prettiest feet I've seen on a grown woman; she said she now blesses her mother for not allowing her to wear stilettos
I dread to think what Victoria Beckham's feet will be like in later years but at least she can keep a chauffeur driven car in tow
.My boots are getting quite old now and (they are French) the firm seem to have stopped this particular style. They are as light as a feather and the chiropodist thinks they are great

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Jimmy Bastard said...

Pat, I'll let you in on a little extravagant secret of mine. I have my footwear handmade to order by a company in England, Northampton to be precise.

They make and even repair all types of footwear to the highest standards outside of Milan itself.

The company is called 'Churchs' and the quality is without fault, although the prices are sometimes best taken with a good malt.

What price quality?

savannah said...

i do worry about my own tootsies now seeing that i wear flip flops daily once the temperature settles into high heat here! i do hope that all the barefoot wandering around the house and yard balances things out for me. xoxox

PI said...

Jimmy: nothing but the best. Church is one of those hallowed names and I'm delighted they are still being worn - possibly by you and the Duke of Edinburgh:)

Savannah: I think air to your feet and no restrictions can only be good. The best thing for me is walking on a shingly, sandy beach, barefoot through the waves.

kenju said...

I haven't worn either of those brands. I'm still in love with my rubber shoes - not Crocs, but a similar type.

Leah said...

Wait a minute, I'm reading this and I WANT HANDMADE SHOES. To Jimmy: this is the MOST jealous I've been in ages, of anything.

That said, I really like your comfy sandals, Pat.

*goes off to daydream about custom shoes..*

debra said...

I don't own a pair of heels, and I prefer open toed (and heeled) shoes in the warmer months. I have long narrow feet, and buying shoes is always a challenge. I don't bother with discount stores any more---too much time for too little result.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I almost forgot...tumeric paste does wonders for injuries...if you don't mind the yellowy colour...but it washes off soon.

I was sold on it when I banged my toe so hard, it got swollen, blue, black, purple. In two days...healed, thanks to tumeric paste.

So if you or YTL injure yourself, try it, it really does work.

Kanani said...

I went through a high heel wearing phase when I was in my twenties. But now --ha ha, I only wear sandals and Converse tennis shoes! I have pink canvas ones now that I'm quite proud of and have duped myself to believe that they even look dignified with summer skirts!

sablonneuse said...

Yes, it's lovely after your feet have been 'done' isn't it? As for footwear, I can only wear sandals or the very comfortable shoes I've had for years but the bunion is beginning to play up now.
BTW I went over to see Queenie and like her writing. Glad you enjoyed your meeting.

PI said...

Judy: rubber shoes? Now that intrigues me. They sound a bit naughty:)

Leah: silken ties, monogrammed shirts and cashmere socks do you think? Anyone who writes like that deserves them.

Debra: I have the same feet and always had to buy Elliot's and Rayne's shoes. The good thing is they do fatten up a bit with time.

GG: I'll try to get that from the chemists. At present we use arnica which the girls swear by. I dropped a knife on my bare foot yesterday and the bruise is fading nicely. I'm all for trying something new.

Kanani: and now in Savannah you can get away with flip flops. Will they be pink? I'm sure happy feet takes years off one.

Scarlet-Blue said...

I have Emu's and Beaver's... I may as well start up a zoo.

David said...

after reading all the comments I need a good foot soak, or my feet will never get a date

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

My most comfy shoes are the ones I call my "Rosa Klebbs". Anything over a 1" heel I can only manage from the restaurant to the car. I can feel I'm going to end my days in Birkenstocks.

Or fluffy slippers.

PI said...

Sandy: how nice to see you and so glad you have found Queenie.
Seems I hadn't been since last July (chiropodist)and she said they weren't too bad. Now I'm walking on air.

Scarlet : I'm going to have to google.

David: it's a blissful thing to do - especially if one tends to shower rather than bathe.

Daphne: I'm the same but I got caught out recently with my younger son and by the time we had finished carousing we were quite a way from the car park and he had to carry me. How we laughed.

R. Sherman said...

Tevas are the best, especially here in Ozark streams which have gravel bottoms. I swear by the things on canoe trips.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I use to have very pretty feet...But, no longer--It's more the nails that look really Horrific on my Big Toes....I know. Too much information....lol!

Don't you just hate when a shoe company stops making a style that you LOVE? It makes one feel that you better buy three pair to begin with and let each one wear out before switching to the next NEW Pair!

PI said...

Randall: ah you did get through. Twice. Lovely!

Naomi: Mine never were. Long thin and bony and shoes used to cost a fortune. My big toes tend to be permanently bruised from walking down hill.