Sunday, April 26, 2009

Post Script

is a bit of a pain - doctor in the morning and dentist in the afternoon - hence this now. They are a few photos taken by S 2 which differed from mine ( except one of them taken by me - guess which.) His photos were prints which I scanned and they lose something in the process. S 2 was amused that I had misspelt Adnams - and i can't remember the correct one now and said he found the ales MUSh to his liking. MUSH is MUCH - obviously. Thankfully my readers make allowances and politely ignore my errors.

The river at Tiverton

The special seat for the three men in hats

A garden looking towards Dartmoor.

Photographers should always go on holiday with photographers.
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R. Sherman said...

You're looking quite "Mallory-esque" with your daypack and trekking pole. A true outdoor fashion plate!


Kim Ayres said...

No prize for guessing your photo must be the one of the photographer then :)

PI said...

Randall: I hoped you would approve after my skirt in the Lakes in the forties. (Remember you were politely appalled:))

Kim: well done! Truly you are not just a pretty face;)

Jimmy Bastard said...

Pat, again... I'm relaxed and at peace with the world after observing the tranquility of your photies.
You seem to have a knack for it.

Good luck with the appointments on the morrow.

Eryl Shields said...

Good luck tomorrow, I hope pain won't actually be involved.

I now know, thanks to my son, that you can do something regarding pixels when scanning photographs to keep the quality. What, regarding pixels I couldn't actually say.

Queenie said...

Lovely pics. Hope tomorrow goes smoothly.

PI said...

Jimmy: thank you. My dentist has never hurt me so far and I'll deep breathe in the morning.

Eryl: that's two of us. It's good to know that one can do something with pixels and of course I wouldn't expect you to tell me what:)

Queenie: everything crossed! Well almost everything - unfortunately

Scarlet-Blue said...

Good luck... I'm not keen on going to the dentist... go shoe shopping afterwards!

Krimo said...

Beautiful countryside and great photos.
Who's that (sharp)shooting sheep?

PI said...

Scarlet: all AOK. bought 2 maxi skirts instead.

Krimo: that is my younger son. He gave me permish!

debra said...

Great photos, Pat. And beautiful countryside.

lom said...

Don't let Keith see the spelling, he's just picked me up on mine. haha

PI said...

Debra: thank you:)

LOM: Oh I'm sure he'll be too polite to mensh:)

Di Mackey said...

How wise you are, photographers are about the only people who can stand holidaying with photographers, I suspect :)

PI said...

Di Mackey: It was the first time I realised that and mostly we were shooting the same shot.
I much prefer it to when I used a camcorder. It intrude into one's holiday.