Tuesday, April 28, 2009

'Do not let this parting grieve thee...'

Do you remember I told you that one of our quartet of gels was leaving to be near her daughters? She was opening her garden one last time for 'The Cotttage Gardens Society,' so I offered to help with the coffee , tea etc. It was hard work - over 50 of them but fun and reminded me of how I expected the customers in my shop to behave well at all times. When a couple of the Society proffered £20 notes instead of a pound I managed to restrain myself and smile fairly sweetly. I think my days of serving the general public are well over -fortunately for them.
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Malcolm doing a good impresssion of Marco the chef.

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R. Sherman said...

Great view from the hill. It must be hard for your friend to contemplate leaving.


PI said...

Randall: maybe harder for us - she'll be much nearer children and grandchildren.

Jimmy Bastard said...

A lot of love has gone into that garden Pat. It must be hard for both sides to say goodbye.

I hope all went well with your appointments yesterday.

Di Mackey said...

You made me smile, the story of the day, the photographs ... it seemed like a truly delicious day.

Di Mackey said...

You made me smile, the story of the day, the photographs ... it seemed like a truly delicious day.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Crikey, yes, it's going to be hard to leave a home that is so loved. And the view is beautiful.
I do have a bluebell pic to post at long last so I'll put it up at the end of the week.

Eryl Shields said...

Lovely and amazing! I bet you were a charming tea-girl.

PI said...

Jimmy: I know Malcolm will create another just as lovely - if smaller.
Thanks for asking - the appointments were both a relief and reassuring even though a small op may be

Di Mackey: to make someone smile is a nice feeling. Thank you.

Scarlet: everybody loves bluebells especially Kim.

Eryl: now you know that isn't quite true:) They would ask for weak ones and need to be told where the sugar was and walk off with the spoons! And I just gritted my teeth. Charmingly:)

Anonymous said...

It must be heart-wrenching to leave a garden when every cutting has a tale to tell - I couldn't do it, or so I say now.

I have rashly offered to open mine for the church at the end of June - oh, the weeding I'll have to do between now and then! And I'm not offering reas, unless you want to come and stay to do that, PI?


PI said...

belleek: I'm sorely tempted but they would say 'Who's that cross old biddy who grumbles if we don't give her the correct money?'
It's not just old men who are grumpy.

Eryl Shields said...

A small op, oh dear, I don't like the sound of that at all.

PI said...

Eryl: it's fairly straight forward and should improve the quality of life. It's sometimes a temptation to ignore these things and settle for less. I won't make a decision until I see the consultant. It's not comestic BTW.