Thursday, April 02, 2009

NOT- Everything in the garden is lovely

Debris left by wood cutters.

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Jimmy Bastard said...

Pat, we seem to share an infinity with the asthetics of the wild, and I'm so glad of that.

Worlds apart, but so akin to the breathtaking beauty of good old Mother Nature.

The photies are a delight.

PI said...

Jimmy: Me too. Good isn't it?

kenju said...

Oh, you put me to shame. In comparison, what I have looks like your bottom photos!

john.g. said...

Every garden needs a 'wild' area!

PI said...

Judy: remember I have Karen now so no shame for you.

John.g that's good because I don't really know what to do about it. I tried moving some but quickly lost interest.

Keith said...

In our local woods the debris is deliberately left, and fallen trees are left alone where they fall.

The reason for this is to let the various fungii take hold and small insects to find a home. Amongst the debris of small branches and twigs new tree seedlings find protection from rabbits and other small animals until they get established. This is the natural cycle of the woodlands.

Eventually when the fallen trees rot away there is new soil containing the minerals from the old trees.

I know it looks untidy and messy, but if the wardens cleaned up the woods soon there would be no woods!

PI said...

Keith: way back in the depths of my mind I had a hazy grasp of that and I think that is what will probably happen here. It would be too much for MTL, myself or even Karen to tackle so it looks like we'll let it lie. Thanks for that:)