Monday, April 20, 2009

Deepest Devon

Iddlesleigh was our destination; so named after Des Leigh and his wife – many, many years ago, found a field. The wife said:

‘’Ere Des Leigh, this 'ud be a good place to put our ‘ome.’ And Iddlesleigh was born. (Uncyclopedia)

It’s a beautiful village north of Okehampton and Dartmoor. But first we had to make a detour to the other side of the M 5. An American internet friend of my son had his ancestral home there – had never seen the area and # 2 son (S2) had promised to take some photos of the area and nearby Tiverton.

With the sun shining, everywhere looked beautiful. To my great delight I was the first to spot a memorial to one of the ancestors in the church yard, whilst S2 prowled round the church. Earlier the village post office had said he had never heard of ------ House but seeing our fallen faces he kindly told us there was a ----- Manor. However he said there had been a death there over the week-end so we shouldn’t go to the house itself. We just drove round the periphery of the grounds and called it a day.

I was thankful S 2 is a good driver and unfazed by the exceedingly narrow, high hedged lanes and I enjoyed my first introduction to Sat Nav. By the time we reached ‘The Duke of York’ it was 6pm. I had already gleaned that it was not your normal pub/ hotel from their laid back manner when I phoned to book; no asking for a deposit or card number or confirmation letter. It’s the sort of pub that men fall in love with, as happened to S2 when he and his wife stayed nearby – women take a little longer.

Carrying a bag or two we walked into a bar full of people obviously having a ball, queuing patiently to get drinks and talking nineteen to the dozen. There was no sign of a reception so – in front of a roaring fire which never appears to go out - we stood like tripe at fourpence, until we could speak to the bar-man. When he had checked that we had indeed booked two rooms he told us we were in the cottage over the road – one room at the right of the front door and one room at the right, at the top of the stairs. S 2 asked for the keys and we were told there weren’t any although there was a flimsy little bolt where one could lock one’s self in one’s room.

We decided to take him at his word when he said locking wasn’t necessary here and most of the time the front door was wide open. Being a kind Mum I let the birthday boy have first choice of room so got the upper twin – bedded room with shower whilst S 2 had a large double with roll top bath and two large mirrors – I had to make do with a shaving mirror but it couldn’t have mattered less and at least I had my son and a flight of stairs to protect me from any drunken marauder.

More later…


Jimmy Bastard said...

Such perfect thatchery to the roof itself. Impressive indeed.

Also impressive was this little gem.

"..we stood like tripe at fourpence.."

lom said...

Can't wait this sounds like it's going to be fun

R. Sherman said...

Every time you post one of these weekend trip reports, I swear the next vacation is in UK. Well done, as always.


Mickle in NZ said...

Thank you for once again sharing the incredible details of the places your go to stay and/or to dine.

There seems to me to be an incredible richness of places that aren't so very far away for you. And then you share them on your blog - Wow.

The "Duke of York" is definately an experience - of a very happy type.

Fun already! Looking forward to learning more, including the food details.

Sending very kind thoughts, Michelle/Mickle and my rescue lad, Zebbycat, from here in Wellington, NZ

PI said...

Jimmy; it's nice impressing you for a change.

LOM: I suppose it was on the whole:)

Randall: thank you - I'm sure you would love the D of Y.

Thank you Mickle. I'll try toremember some food details. The night before we left we had dinner out - I ate more than I wanted and had an upset tummy the next day so was not looking forward as much as usual to eating. However after a couple of Immodium I was back to normal.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You and S2 together...What fun...Though I must say, I am surprised he didn't give his Mum that Bigger!
This sounds like a very special Weekend, my dear...And as always, your pictures are so intriguing....I want to go there, right now! BEAUTIFUL! I look forward to the next installment, dear Pat.

Kim Ayres said...

Those narrow roads round Devon, Cornwall and Somerset take some serious getting used to. Not only are they exceedingly narrow, but they're usually full of caravans too.

One of the things I noticed on my recent trip down to the West Country was just how many wing mirrors were held on with tape :)

PI said...

Naomi: maybe he was trying to protect me from any marauders or maybe he was just taking me at my word. He did all the hard work:)

Kim: tha' knows Kim, I know:)

Kanani said...

I can't wait for this story to continue!
Hope to see pictures of the little cottage where the door doesn't lock!

Edelweiss Transplanted said...

Aren't you lucky? I'm so glad you are having beautiful weather instead of the rain that's coming down here on the other side of the pond. Great pictures -- I especially enjoyed the "Stairway to Heaven". They really did think of everything.

Anonymous said...

I always am in admiration!! The photos are really a very beautiful walk!

john.g. said...

Lovely tale, but how long have you been shaving?

*coat is on!*

Kevin Musgrove said...

One of the scariest nights of my life involved our diving from Bath to Tiverton in thick fog. We literally stopped six inches away from the fifth cow.

Can I "borrow" "we stood like tripe at fourpence?" You can take the lass from Bacup Market but...

PI said...

Kanani: now I realise the photos I didn't take.

Eidelweiss: we were indeed blessed to have perfect walking weather.

Crabbers: I wish I had taken more photos during the walk. I look forward to seeing those of my son's.

John.g: that's enough impudence from you young man.

PI said...

Kevin: scary! Feel free to borrow. I surprise myself sometimes:)