Wednesday, March 18, 2009

stream of consciousness

you know the other week when we were driving to the carew arms and we were talking about india i think it was gg who brought it up and i told you about that film the river which was why i had to go to india did you see it it was made by that french bloke jean something and there were two young girls who were in love with this man with a wooden leg and they all had red hair i didnt know any of them but then years later i was in a tv studio and one of the girls was starring in it shes got quite sharp features i googled her and she was adrienne corri about four of us dressed as ladies of the court were talking about her and some were not so charitable and then we heard her voice and realised she was in the next dressing room and heard every word she came in and was very friendly and nice and lent us pieces of her costume jewellery for the shooting at lunchtime i was on my own in a queue at the canteen thinking about how one minute i had been in a hospital ward nursing sick children and here i was with a wig and a low cut crinoline on tv when the woman in front of me turned round and glared at me and said do you mind and i was standing on her dress i could have died and my face flamed up as usual and this man who was with her stayed behind and said im always doing that sort of thing im a daydreamer too and i could have kissed him he was so sweet and I discovered his name was lawrence payne and he was a star well ive just been catching up with the papers and hes died and it was probably just when i was telling you about him in the car on our way to the Carew Arms im glad i said something nice about him do you remember

apologies to molly


Jimmy Bastard said...

Pat, I just don't see you with a face of fire over a remark made by someone less polite.

One thing is certain however. Confidence and wisdom can easily be defined in the more mature generation.

It oozes from you hen.. like glorious butter from a Devonshire scone.

PI said...

Jimmy: I was very young and gauche and with the fairies a lot of the time. I'll take the rest as a compliment:)

Mei Del said...

goodness pat what happened to all your punctuation?? i'm quite breathless from reading this post now!!

apprentice said...

Lovely piece Pat -I knew a few youngsters who speak like this, when I can make them out!

Wasn't he handsome!

Keith said...


btw i received the ecard ok and you are right it does go on a bit doesn't it the one i sent you wasnt an ecard i did in myself with photoshop i was a big fan of adrienne corri not her acting though i thought she was nice looking are we starting a new method of blogging with this type of typing

PI said...

Mei del: sorry - I was attempting a 'MOlly Bloom'- a character in Ullysses.

Anna: I though he was:)

Keith: see explanation above. I obviously didn't do it very well. Glad you got the card. Yours was very attractive.

scarlet-blue said...

I found the stream of consciousness extremely effective, and moving.

AndrewM said...

I think you've got your tablets mixed up again.

Never mind. 'Be alright.

PI said...

Scarlet: thank you. Hooray!

Andrew.M: can't be helped. Did you not do Joyce? Not that one - James Joyce. Thanks for lovely flowers:)

Nea said...

I liked the way you wrote this. It was took a second or two, when I thought Blogger was playing up again, but then I was hooked into your stream. A strong tribute.

PI said...

Nea; some thought I'd gone barmy - which I don't dispute but I talk like this in my mind and MTL had to try to keep up.