Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Dragon House Revisited

We were welcomed and shown to our room which was charming with quirky beams, a good bathroom, views of the garden, fine fabrics and, unusually, a dressing room. It was fine and sunny so after a cup of tea, having spotted from the window, steps from a balcony, I wandered down and explored the garden. It was interesting to see the lie of the land and there were good views of the area on the opposite hill; the main garden is at the side of the house.

As we had left home late afternoon MTL was already dressed for dinner, but because I’m a laydeee I changed. There were mainly walkers in the hotel – the atmosphere was jolly, relaxed and informal so I was glad I wore trousers, but in truth one could have worn anything reasonable without feeling uncomfortable.

There was a cracking fire in the bar where we had an aperitif and decided what to eat. Last time we ate in a room opposite the bar, but I hadn’t realised there is also a restaurant which is where we had dinner. We knew from experience how delicious the puds were, so decided not to have a starter and plunged straight in with the main.

We both opted for Chargrilled Supreme of Chicken with Jerusalem Artichoke puree, Dauphinois potatoes, Wild mushrooms and Poultry and Thyme sauce. It was full of delightful flavours. I’m not mad on mushrooms but these little darlings were delectable and I relished every morsel. I wondered where the faint sweetness came from and the chef said it was probably the artichoke puree.

Parfait of Nougat Glace with raspberry compote and cashew nut praline was my choice for dessert which more than lived up to its promise and MTL plumped for sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream which was less adventurous than mine but quite yummy.

After a digestif in the bar and a pleasant chat with some of the walkers (always interesting to hear what people think of your chosen area) we repaired to our room so I could watch an episode of ‘Damages’ but as I kept dozing off I settled for an earlyish night. Amazingly I could still eat a full breakfast – such a treat to have my favourite bacon, egg and tomatoes – perfectly cooked - with eggs from the chickens at the top of the garden.

I think I can safely say the Dragon House is going to be added to my favourites and it really made for a happy and satisfying birthday. For more info and pictures on the Dragon House go to archives Jan 25th 2009.

The Dragon House,

Bilbrook, Somerset TA24 6HQ

Tel No 01984 640215


Jimmy Bastard said...

...and your presence was sorely missed.

Nice tub feet by the way, I have similiar myself. It's a real struggle getting shoes to fit!

scarlet-blue said...

It looks lovely... I will try to remember this for when I next go away.

Z said...

Sounds a delicious dinner - bearing in mind Jerusalem artichokes' usual repercussions (word chosen advisedly), it's just as well you both had them.

So glad you had such a lovely birthday xx

PI said...

Jimmy: thanks for the chuckle:)

Scarlet: steady on ducks - you've only just returned.

Z: ooh that's something I wasn't aware of. My imagination is working overtime:)

Nea said...

It looks and sounds perfect. Could somebody please invent a taste screen soon, like a touch screen, but one I can lick?

Z said...

*cough* there are those who call them 'fartichokes'. Like beans, they are digested low in the gut and sort of ferment. Not everyone has the aftereffects, especially those who eat very high fibre diets normally, but most do. No indigestion, just wind.

john.g. said...

Happy birthday for last Sunday! I sent you an e-card, did it arrive?

PI said...

Nea: what a splendid idea. I'd be a lickaholic before you could say knife.

Z: that's the answer then. I do have a high fibre diet - but lovely with it:)

John darling: I was so thrilled with your card I sent you a musical thank you. I also sent one to Keith and his was returned so as yours wasn't I trusted it had got through. Bugger!
Do forgive me - it was a lovely thing to do:)xoxo

john.g. said...

Mum2, it's just arrived! Thank-you! xx

Keith said...

Sounds a nice place to be. The food sounds good too, but the most important thing is... was the beer any good?

By the way, I didn't get the all singing and dancing card. Sob

PI said...

John.g: that's a relief.

Keith: MTL says the beer was good but my # 1 sin is a real ale fan and he hasn't tried it yet. I'll see what i can do about the card.

debra said...

looks like a lovely place :-)

Guyana-Gyal said...

I felt like I just had a feast myself, reading this. And the place looks just perfect! Keep on celebrating, Pat.

Zed said...

You do choose the loveliest of places to spend a weekend in. I'm very jealous but oh, well, my time will come - I hope.

The food sounded divine too - and you had sunshine!

And a belated happy birthdayxx

PI said...

Debra: apparently there is also a conservatory which we missed so we'll have to go back again:)

GG: with all the anniversaries we just have to keep on celebrating - whilst we have the strength:)

Zed: I think you have to be quite old but one might as well make the best of it. And you're not late - it's lasting till Thursday at least:) Finished the champers yesterday but I daren't start on the chocs.

rashbre said...

Its good to sometimes go for a full breakfast when away.

When I hotel for biz I usually have a rather minimalist breakfast, but when its 'pleasure' then its great to take the time and relax over whatever treats are on offer.

PI said...

Rashbre: also as we were off home it meant we could have a minmalist lunch:)