Monday, March 09, 2009

Blue Anchor Bay

On the coast between Watchet in the east and Minehead in the west lies Blue Anchor – a fisherman’s haunt. We seem to have developed the habit, now the weather is more clement, of having lunch out at the week-end. We settled on the Carew Arms in Crowcombe which has been well and truly documented in this blog, so I persuaded MTL to go via Blue Anchor in the hope of finding something to photograph.

The day was grey so my spirits lightened when I saw a glorious mimosa in full bloom but I knew better than to ask MTL to stop – I could see it would be dangerous. Sure enough about a mile further on there were bunches of flowers where some poor soul had been killed in a road accident. I saw another smaller mimosa but we kept going until we reached the parking by the sea. Funny how one is influenced by one’s parents; mum hated cats and loved mimosa. I’m wary with cats and have always coveted a mimosa tree. Mum tried a couple of times to buy me one, but it never worked out, although the garden has many of her gifts. In turn she was influenced by her father who remembered the trees from his time in Portugal when he was an engineer.

At the small café I saw these two great St Bernards and asked the owner if I could snap them. He agreed and then shyly moved out of shot. They were very friendly aged one and seven but he warned me they would cover me in slobber. I decided to do a brisk walk back to the second mimosa and it was just by the accident shrine. Another swift walk and I was back in the car and off to lunch. Delicious sole with accessories and hot chocolate brownie with ice cream – I eschewed the clotted variety as some sort of fruitless gesture.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Everytime I read one of your 'England posts' it makes me want to travel! That little cafe is adorable.

savannah said...

what a delightful trio of posts, sugar! i really need to do a walking tour around here to share with you! xoxo

PI said...

GG: you've just got to get up and go honey:)

problemchildbride said...

"We settled on the Carew Arms in Crowcombe which has been well and truly documented in this blog, so I persuaded MTL to go via Blue Anchor in the hope of finding something to photograph"

I love it when blogging influences real life!

problemchildbride said...

You can get clotted ice-cream?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL....Yummmmmm Hot Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream....YES!!!
I love that you passed up the Clotted wise decision, under the circumstances...!

Such charm is visible in ALL the pictures Pat....What a Darling Doggie, too....I feel I have entered an Enchanted Place every time you Post pictures of your jaunts...! It is all so very pretty...!

PI said...

Savannah; yes that would be great but you're going to be busy soon:)

Sam: it sure does in this house. In the last three years time has never hung heavy.

Sam: you could drown in it here. Chokes up all your tubes. My Mum used to lap it up like a cat with cream. Maybe that's why she couldn't stand cats

Naomi: when people come to live here they usually OD on cream teas and then you are either forever committed or like me - you never eat them again.

R. Sherman said...

I second the others' comments about enjoying these "weekend jaunt" posts and photos, of course. I think you should talk the BBC into giving you an hour. You'd be a hit!


Eryl Shields said...

I do think it's these little gestures that count, Pat, when you add them up they make all the difference.

PI said...

Randall: what I love about blogging at home, as opposed to 'appearing' is I can do it in the privacy of my home in tracky bottoms - if I feel like it:)

Eryl: you're right and I must do a few more until I shed 2 or 3 pounds.
Wouldn't you know its my birthday on Sunday.