Monday, March 09, 2009

Minehead to the west.

Watchet to the east.

The little cafe

One of the customers.
Below are the mimosa tree, an oldfashioned plant I used to have in Kent and the signalbox at Blue Anchor. The photos jumped out before I could label tham.
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Kim Ayres said...

mmMMmm I need to sit by the sea again soon

john.g. said...

Where's the brandy barrel?

Kath said...

Aw! I just want to cuddle up to that guy! What a sweetheart

PI said...

Kim: I seem to remember driving to the sea when we were in Dumfries and the wind was so strong it blew the car door back and we had great difficulty getting it to close again.
Sound familiar?

John.g I don't think the cafe is licensed and they frown on bringing your own. And it was Saturday morning.

Kath: I assume you mean the dog:)

Kim Ayres said...

It's true - you have to make sure you don't park too close to anyone else

PI said...

Kim: now you tell me:)