Friday, March 13, 2009

I’m not the only one.

Better bloggers than me have suffered the same trauma – Doctor Maroon and Kenju spring to mind- and I remember comforting them saying it was probably a mistake, but when it happens to oneself it’s different kettle of fish and it hurts. Was it something I said? The trouble is we rarely can spot who it is - the follower who has deserted us. Maybe it was the same person - intent on being cruel to bloggers.

Does anybody know why Friday 13th is reputed to be unlucky? Why did they choose to have Comic Relief today? And could somebody tell Arthur Scargill that he is NOT ‘Take That ‘and his day in the sun is done. I’m burbling I know but it’s my birthday on Sunday – not the big one – and I’m allowed the odd burble.

Two early cards gave me particular pleasure – my sister in the States remembered – having forgotten the last two years and one from a girl who lived at the bottom of our lane and who I have known since we were toddlers – ‘Friends for ever ‘ as she says.
We are spending it at The Dragon House, after having had a lovely lunch there the other week. I’ve tried to lose the odd pound in preparation but I’m undone if anyone gives me chocolates.


scarlet-blue said...

I think something's happened to Savannah.

scarlet-blue said...

P.S Happy Birthday for Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday - no shunning here.Have a great day.


PI said...

Scarlet: don't say that - I can't lose two friends in one week.
Thank you for B wishes:)

Jan thank you - that's a relief:)

R. Sherman said...

Happy Birthday, dear. Not too many fizzy drinks.


Jimmy Bastard said...

Sadly it is true, Savannah has her own reasons, and she will be greatly missed.

There are some malicious people online, the delightful Savvy just happened to meet one of the scumbags by chance.

I do hope I bump into them myself.

Eryl Shields said...

It's not me is it, I changed something on my blog and had to go round reinstating the follower thing and I've probably missed a few? I'll check.

Happy birthday for Sunday. Is it the big one next year?

Kath said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

PI said...

Randall: I'll be good -it's too painful otherwise

Jimmy: oh dear, I've just checked. what low life would do this on her big day?

Eryl: I don't think so. I'll check next time I'm on dashboard and if it's you I'll know it isn't deliberate.xox

PI said...

Eryl : it isn't you sweetie - you're down twice and I'm still 28 so I've lost two. I'm going to be brave.

kenju said...

I don't worry about my weight much anymore, but I certainly don't on my birthday, Pat, so don't you either! Hope yours is happy.

I have no idea why Friday and 13th is unlucky, but I think the people who had the car wrecks I saw this morning on my way to work will be blaming it on that. (we were having a steady, hard rain)

David said...

happy Birthday

Kim Ayres said...

I only have 15 followers myself - but I can still see my face on your list :)

PI said...

Kim: I think I would have noticed if you had disappeared;)

David: thank you.

Judy: It's more discomfort than vanity. I get indigestion - short body, long legs. Pregnancy was a nightmare.

Z said...

Happy birthday, Pat. Do you keep a-burbling, as we say in Norfolk.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't understand The Followers thing at all....I don't know how to do it and wasn't even sure what it was when I first saw I had some followers. There were there are only 5....I have no idea who came and went because I don't get the whole!
What is that all about, Pat???

A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, my dear pal across the pond....Oh I know you will have a lovely time at that delightful place...Pictures Please....!

And BTW: I think Friday the 13th is Very Very Good Luck! A play of mine opened on a Friday 13th ad it got fabulous reviews and was extended four times over...!
So, for me, it's a really Good Luck Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday from one of your readers in Singapore. Sarah

Guyana-Gyal said...

March girl, no wonder you're so charming and bubbly! My cousin Lis [sometimes mentioned on my blog], and my niece are in good company.

Happy, happy birthday, Pat, with oodles of love and hugs from me and mamma.

Celebrate, celebrate, life's good!

P.S. I'm a wicked daughter, I hide the chocolates from mamma and dole 'em out stingily every now and then.

PI said...

Kath; How could I have missed you? thank you for your wishes.

Z: thank you. For a while anyway DV:)

Naomi: I am no expert but the good thing is the people I follow means it shows on my dashboard when they do a new post which saves endlessly going up and down one's side bar - which I do at least once a week.
Thank you and I hope to get some photos. That must have been a very wonderful Friday 13th. Not a day you'll forget in a hurry:)

Sarah: welcome and thank you. We had a lovely couple of days in Singapore en route to Australia and our son and family worked there for a time. Now they have resettled in Australia. MTL wanted to buy me an orchid plant today which always reminds me of Singapore.

angryparsnip said...

Happy Birthday from Tucson Arizona...

Don't know the story but who ever left, made space for ME !

Really enjoy your pictures.

When I lived in Laguna Beach I put all the orchids after they bloomed outside in a side yard. Watered them once a week and they bloomed all the time. Here in Tucson, HOT Summers, no chance for that but I buy them anyways, big favorite for me too.

PI said...

GG: you say the sweetest things:) This year I don't feel the slight sadness at another year flown - maybe it's the sun - but it's great. Your poor mum. Fancy having a daughter always looking out for you. I expect she knows how blest she is.

Angry parsnip: thank you and there would always be space for you. I have had orchids last for ages but never tried putting them outside. Maybe i should.

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

If the important ones are still there, don't worry. Blogging is not for the faint hearted. I'd like to see what remains of the troll who crosses Jimmy - or Ché, who's a little rottweiler. As another famous Scotsman once said, "Dinna mess with us, or we'll set aboot ya."

PI said...

Daphne: it sure feels great to have them on side - along with your good self:)

Keith said...

Friday the thirteenth is considered unlucky because of the religious connections.

Friday is the day Jesus was crucified (I don't know how they worked that out)

There were 13 people who sat down for the Last Supper and the first one to leave the table was Jesus. Then he was executed. How unlucky can you get?

These two facts have been put together down the generations since then and now superstitious people believe that it's a terrible day! It's no different to any other day in my book!

This also gives rise to the notion that 13 people must never sit down together for a meal, because something terrible will happen to the first person who leaves the table.

Well, you did ask!. For further useless explanations go here.

PI said...

Keith: thank you. I really appreciate you taking the trouble and it is really interesting to me. i remembered that in the States they don't have a 13th floor.
I also remember on night duty one Friday 13th and it was a very sad day.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday for when it comes. I can't do the Follower thing - never worked it out - I think that's because I am WORDPRESS and everyone else is BLOGSPOT

It says 30 on your side bar - have they come back?

I'll have another shot and see if I get there!!


PI said...

Belleek: yay you did it!
They must have come back. It's not easy to monitor. Welcome and thanks;)

apprentice said...

I hope you had a lovely day missus!
Great news on your grandson too!

PI said...

Anna:thank you it was a very happy day.

rashbre said...

I'm also not sure that I 'get' followers, because RSS feeds give the summary of peoples' posts anyway and then its quick enough to dive into the blog itself.

And it works for everyone - wordpress, blogspot et al.

PI said...

Rashbre: previously I didn't have any info on other people's posts and it can take an age trawling up and down my side bar so it has helped.