Sunday, November 23, 2008

We had drinks here whilst choosing what to eat. The house had every possible shade of brown and lots of lovely wood -very
comfortable and relaxed. A November Sunday is quiet - we've had many an anniversary dinner and been the only people there. It was nice to have lunch for a change ; we drank modestly and saved the champers for tonight. I am writing this Sunday night as I have to take my shoulder to the doc's early tomorrow.

We skipped starters and both chose panache of fish with spinach - a lovely sauce and lots of vegetables. There was good nutty bread and for dessert we had chocolate mousse with orange and Grand Marnier (me) and a special creme brulee (MTL) and I can't remember why
it was special.
We were going to share but both became engrossed in eating what was before us.
Coffee and truffles followed. I found the truffles too sweet but they all disappeared

Porlock Weir; even on a glowery day one of the most lovely places in England
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Shane said...

Happy anniversary to you both.
Porlock Weir... sounds like somewhere out of Lord of the Rings.

savannah said...

what a lovely day! we have our 40th next march and i'm hoping we'll be on the same city for a change! xoxo
congratulations again, sugar!

PI said...

Shane: thank you. It was very popular with Coleridge and co.

Savannah: thank you. My goodness you must have been a child bride.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like a gorgeous place, in every way, Pat.....And a lovely delicious Lunch, too!
Too bad about the weather, though....But I bet you and your dear MTL brought much sunshine with you and into your delightful afternoon!

PI said...

Naomi: it was good - if expensive - but worth it for a special treat.
What is nice is we can have silences which don't seem like silences and we never run out of something to talk about.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Mm, this is my kind of place, I can sit there and stare out to sea forever.

If it weren't for the signs in the last picture, it would look like a scene from an old painting.