Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anniversary lunch


We had booked lunch at Andrew's on the Weir and by the times we got to Porlock Weir rain had banished the sun.

The restaurant with rooms.

The bear is carved by a local man who used to be an Exmoor ranger.
There were some interesting murals.
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rashbre said...

I was wondering what that was at the end of the hallway. To begin with I thought it was one of those strange 'person wrapped in paper' things, which are being used in some London advertising at the moment. Then I realised it was not an obvious place for such a thing.

The carved bear is a much more sensible explanation.

R. Sherman said...

I'm glad you had a nice time. I trust you didn't overdo it on the champagne that evening.


PI said...

Rashbre: it is rather strange and not so attractive as the murals.

PI said...

Randall: of course not- in fact there was some left for today. And I'm saving the chocolates for Christmas.