Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Name that tune


Yesterday =>Granny P (see side bar) was feeling nostalgic about a tune she once heard; she called it ‘Bist Di Bei Mir.’ I thought I remembered it as something called ‘By Me Miss du Shane.’ To make sure I googled Granny P’s title on You tube. When I heard it I realised it was not the same. Always happy to give google a challenge I put in my misheard lyric and found there was a site for ‘ Misheard Lyrics.’

These are also called Mondegreens which occur when people misunderstand the lyrics in a song- not to be mistaken for intentional rephrasing of lyrics which is called parody. My misheard lyric was actually ‘ Bel Mir Bist Du Schon’ so you can see why (I trust) I confused it with ‘ Bist Di Bei Mir.

Two more misheard lyrics of the same song:

Buy me a beer, Miss Duchene.

I really miss you, Shane
Please let me explain.

Finally I heard the Andrews Sisters sing it on You tube.

Google’s great IMO.


scarlet-blue said...

I don't know, it looks very effective Pat! Almost calligraphic.

Kim Ayres said...

Back in 1980, UB40 had a hit where I was convinced they sang, "I'm a Green Banana"

However, a couple of years later, a friend assured me it was, "I'm a Prima Donna"

Having just gone in search of it, I've discovered it's actually "Ivory Madonna"

kenju said...

I remember that song, but I can't spell it either.

Sometimes my posts end up weird and I have no idea how it happened.

sablonneuse said...

Maybe it's my age and I'm going deaf but i find it very hard to hear the words nowadays.

PI said...

Scarlet: it's kind of you to say so but it's still infuriating:)

Kim: don't you feel enriched by that?

Judy : I'd be a proud lady if I could do half the things on posts that you do.

Sandy: well how many of them can ennunciate? Precious few.

amy said...

I love that song!
"Bei Mir Bist Du Schon" -- it's Yiddish, and according to wikipedia it means "To Me You're Beautiful".
My favourite version is by Janis Siegel:

PI said...

Amy: the Andrew's sisters is not very good. I'll give yours a listen.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I remember it as: (Phonetically)
Bi Meer Bist Du Shane...At least that is what it always sounded like to me when the Andrew Sisters Sang it!

Blogger sometimes goes wonky...And I cannot fihure out why???
Sorry you are having problems, Pat.....!

PI said...

Naomi: not to worry; the younger generation used computers at school - it's no wonder we have problems when things don't go smoothly.

rashbre said...

"Bei mir bist du schön" I'd guess was the phrase.
:In my opinion you are beautiful". Schon (no umlaut) has other meanings.

Like famously Jimi Hendrix singing 'scuse me will I kiss this guy' - which as we all know was 'excuse me whilst I kiss the sky. - in Purple Haze.

I see your blog template has imploded also with a Purple Haze.

It looks to me as if you have inadvertently copied the east asian word template formatting controls for internet explorer 4 into the wobbly post. Its easily done. (View Source to see it)

I suggest you make the purple post 'draft' and see if it fixes all the missing formatting. Then you could simply re-copy the text into a new post without the weird controls.

Then you can have a browse around :-)

PI said...

Rashbre: one of the lines was 'I think you're swell.'
Your explanation of my purple haze sounds feasible but I'm not sure I can fix it. I got as far as editing it on Dashboard but didn't know how to make it a draft again. I'll have another go.