Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shoulder to the wheel.


Isn’t it always the way? I soon as I had the doc’s appointment my shoulder ache started to subside and I even mowed the lawn yesterday, although I discovered MTL had asked MR, who’s painting the house to relieve me, if I faltered. However later in the day I had a phone call to say Dr ‘Unspellable’ was unavailable – did I really want to see her? As I rarely visit the surgery I only know one doctor so said I would be happy to see any doctor. Now I have an appointment to see Dr ‘Unspellable’ on Monday.

The Egg heads had a question on Haiku – how many syllables in the second line – which they got wrong. Of course we know it’s seven. Don’t say this blog isn’t educational. Sometimes.

When we were in M& S the other day I noticed they were doing a ‘meal for two’ comprising of starter, main, dessert and a bottle of wine for £10 and they were going like hot cakes. I wish I had tried one but had too much to carry. Their on- line Christmas food looks very tempting but I think you have to order it and then pick it up. Two of our favourite eating places are doing excellent menus in December and I’m tempted to sample one or two and then have a simple steak with thyme and butter on the day. Up until the last few years when our lovely DIL did Christmas, I had been cooking Christmas dinner since 1951 and have no great longing to do another.

So John Sargent is making a graceful exit from Strictly Come Dancing and some people are still sniping at him. I think he was put in an impossible position and did the right thing. Some of the snipers are the ones who grumbled most in the first place.


Mei Del said...

i only enjoyed reading about it all and i think it was a shame he bowed out. if he'd remained i might have switched on to watch him in action. alas they must have lost potential viewers like me!

R. Sherman said...

I keep forgetting that turkey as Christmas staple is an American thing.

I've been busy and am catching up.

Cheers, dear.

PI said...

Mei del: I find watching the programme quite a happy experience and have a grin on my face most of the time. sometimes it is quite beautiful.

Randall: and you have two in quick succession, which always seems like bad planning. Roast turkey once a year does me nicely.

john.g. said...

I dont watch strictly come rubbish or whatever it's called, but judging from the news coverage he was crap!

scarlet-blue said...

I am a huge 'Strictly' fan and was sorry to see Mr Sergeant go. I felt sorry for him and his professional partner. I think he's doing a farewell waltz on Saturday. My favourites are Rachel and Vincent, but I think Austin will win.

rashbre said...

I must admit to watching SCD most weeks. Its feelgood factor family telly where everyone can have an opinion.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Today I tried that haiku business...and let me tell you, I couldn't!

PI said...

GG:I think the name put me off for years but now I enjoy it over at Shane's.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I read about that Dancing Gentleman just today...We don't see that one over here....Was he really that bad? It's like Sanjaya on AMERICAN IDOL....The judges gave him very low points, but the people---Well, Teenager-People kept him on, till, FINALLY, they didn't....! REALITY TELEVISION...OY!

My mouth began to water thinking of the food at M&S...Or anywhere for that matter....LOL! Yes, Turkey is our Thanksgining Meal, and for many people it is Turkey and/or Ham, for Christmas....Or I guess, Goose....! (Oh Dear, I can't bear to think of the Geese being slaughtered....!)
I don't blame you for not wanting to cook another Christmas Dinner....I think you deserve to be cooked for...OR...Go out to a lovely Restaurant instead!

PI said...

Naomi: his dancing skills were not marvellous but his entertainment value was great.
Re Christmas I think we'll have an easy meal at home on the day, with little luxurious extras and have a pukka Christmas dinner the week before - so I must remember to book it. As for a lovely restaurant that's what we are doing on Sunday for our anniversary.