Monday, November 24, 2008

Foiled again!


Just when I’ve got may face on, the phone rings and my appointment is cancelled yet again and is now with another strange doctor in a week’s time. The doctor with the unpronounceable name is ill again. Ah well – I’ve had the problem since June – I don’t suppose another week will matter.


Mei Del said...

sounds like physicians are healing themselves first! hope you're keeping warm this cold monday morning x

scarlet-blue said...

I hope you get to see a Doctor soon. Meanwhile I've been looking at the lovely pics. There's nothing better than a woodburning stove on a blustery day... and lots of truffles to scoff.
Not sure about the wooden bear? It looks like an ambitious project.

John said...

Perhaps your shoulder will heal itself before you get to see the doc.

I note from an earlier post that you are writing a book. Is it an autobiograhy by any chance?

Having read some of your archives you seem to have led a very interesting life, and if this book is a complilation of those brief glimpses into your life I shall look forward to reading it.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Frustrating, though, eh? Commiserations.

savannah said...

take it easy, sugar! xoxo

michelle said...

I can't believe you keep getting bumped like that! I would be so frustrated. Hope you see him soon. michele sent me.

PI said...

Mei del: not the best day for us the east wind roars through the old windows.

Scarlet : I have seen lots of his carvings and this is not one of his best. Maybe an off day.

John: yes you are right on all counts. Almost finished and then all I need is a publisher:)

Zinnia: thanks and I hope you are better now.

Savannah: even now I am downstairs bound to finish the champagne to which I may just add some cassis. Although MTL will have a fit:)

Grumpy Keith said...

I had a doctor once with a strange sounding name. He was quite good, but I had a job understanding his english. The last time I phoned to make an follow-up appointment the receptionist told me he had been arrested. "Good God!" I said "What for?". She replied that his qualifications were forged and he had obtained a position at that practice on false pretences!

It could only happen to me!

Anyway Pat, I hope the shoulder gets better soon, I really do.

I noted Johns comment. I would like to read that book when it comes out. Then I can put it on the bookshelf next to Zoe's, Petite Anglaise's, and that "Girl With a One-track Mind", Abbey Lee.

Re your comment on my blog, I'm not counting either. *snigger*

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a drag, Pat....! Sometimes I wonder about your Health Care System over there across the pond....Let's hope the dear doctor recovers shortly....! Meanwhile, do take good care, Pat.

kenju said...

How irritating!! Whether or not it can wait depends on the problem. It is best to get things looked after sooner, rather than later. Don't let this happen again - tell them NO!!

PI said...

Keith: thanks for your wishes. I'd be happy to be on your shelf with such company.

Naomi; you may well wonder. I would make a fuss if it were urgent, but I'll probably just end up with pain killers.

Judy: I promise I won't be put off again. It was a really nasty cold day here today - MTL had to take the car early, so I wasn't too sorry to miss a chilly walk to the surgery.

sablonneuse said...

Here's hoping your shoulder gets better soon - with or without a doctor's appointment!!!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Here's hoping your shoulder heals before you get to the doc.

PI said...

Sandy: it is easing off a bit.

GG: see above. When I saw my beauty therapist yesterday she gave me a bit of a massage to see what she could feel and I could feel her connect. We decide if I got no joy from the medic I'll let her have a go at massage. She is really good. Maybe that's why it has eased up a bit.