Sunday, November 02, 2008

Matthew and his battered back pack

The George Cross
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john.g. said...

What a man! Unlike the gutless b*stards that finance the thing!!

PI said...

John.g: there are a couple I'd like to send out to Afghanistan with some of the inadequate equipment and see how they like it.

problemchildbride said...

A true hero! His George Cross is well deserved.

24 though, it makes you shudder to think of the ages of some of the soldiers out there. Old men sending young ones off to die in their wars and in their name - same as it ever was.

PI said...

Sam; we have many programmes at present about WW1 as it is 90years since the Armistice. I really hope younger people watch because they illustrate so clearly the utter futility and horrible waste of war.
The numbers killed on both sides are unbelievable. And many of the older generals were miles behind the lines. tucked up in chateaus and sending men to certain death.