Friday, November 21, 2008

A Surreal Experience

Working on my book , which I do most days, I find myself transported to the past; as a child during WW1, as a school girl meeting MTL for the first time, then again at 18, and at 19 when I fell hopelessly in love with him. Then I remember the despair when he dumped me, (only now can I say those dreaded words) and the moment when I stood before the poison cupboard, the keys in my hand wondering how many pheno- barbs it would take. I remember getting a grip and the images of my mother and grandmother in my head telling me no man should be allowed to destroy me.

I remember how I tried hard never to think of him as I grew up and married, bur he would sneak into my dreams. Such a lot of water ran under the bridge – I had a good life and never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would see him again; and for thirty years I didn’t.

It’s a surreal experience when I hear someone call ‘ Would you like a coffee darling?’ and remember this same man is downstairs and is still my true love and our marriage will be 29 years old on Sunday.

Our verandah will command a view of meadows green,
The sort of view that seems to want to be seen.
And when the kids grow up and leave us,
We'll sit and look at that same old view,
Just we two, Darby and Joan who used to be Jack and Jill,
The folks who like to be called
What they have always been called
"The folks who live on the hill."
Jerome Kern


Kim Ayres said...

Happy Anniversary on Sunday!

You were a child during WW1? I'm guessing that's a typo.

PI said...

Kim: you bet your sweet bippy it was a typo:)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Dear Pat! I LOVE that song...and it certainly os a perfect one for you and your MTL.....What a great great miracle that you found each other again.....

One thing, my dear....I think you meant you were a child in WW2....If it was WW1 you have held up magnificently! (lol)

I hope you both have a lovely special Sunday, dear Pat....

apprentice said...

What bitter sweet memories missus.
I hope you have a lovely day together. Nothing makes up for those little everday routines that two people share.

Yesterday I saw an elderly cuople waiting for a bus outside a wedding shop, it would have made a pefect picture, but alas no camera.


Kate Lord Brown said...

Hello Pat - what a great story of true love conquering all ... hope you have a great anniversary this weekend (ours too - 18 years since first date on Sunday!) x

scarlet-blue said...

Happy Anniversary for Sunday! It gives me hope.

kenju said...

Happy Anniversary, Pat. Yours is a wonderful story. I remember all too well being dumped and the horrible feelings it brought. I got over it, eventually.

R. Sherman said...

I'm a doofus. I didn't see Kim's comment.

Delete the previous comment and accept my wishes for a Happy Anniversary.


PI said...

Naomi: thank you and you're right I'm far too young for WW1 - I'm always getting them mixed up.

Anna: thank you. I tried to find the right photo - hindered by MTL's dogged shyness. Long may the 'little everday routines ' continue.

Kate: congratulations and thank you. I'll toast you on Sunday.

Scarlet: thank you and NEVER give up hope.

Judy:thank you. Just shows what idiots men can be:)

Randall: thank you and well spotted:)

Lizzy said...

Happy anniversary! Yours is indeed an amazing story - and I still miss hearing the installments... Might there ONE DAY be a little bit more, once you've finished with thr book?

Mei Del said...

happy anniversary! your story has been a joy to read x

Z said...

When your book is finished, will it be okay with MTl for you to try to get it published? Publicity will ensue!

Happy anniversary, both of you lucky people. It's lovely that you are so happy.

Jade of the Jungle said...

What a lovely, lovely, lovely post!
The world is so lacking in honest love and tenderness these days. People miss out on so much.

J x

savannah said...

happy anniversary, sugar! i'll be thinking of you and MTL on sunday and i'll raise a glass in your honor! xoxox

PI said...

Lizzy: thank you. I would like, eventually to continue the story but not until I see what happens with this.

Mei Del: thank you that is lovely to hear.

Z: MTL has always been actively supportive and understands the aim is to be published. He is extremely good at dodging the lime light and I would do my utmost - should we get to that stage - to protect him. One needn't be bulldozed and I had some experience in the past.

Jade: what a lovely thing to say. Thank you.

Savannay: thank you- I'll think of and toast all my blogger friends.

kenju said...

Michele sent me back to say Happy Anniversary again!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm not myself.

In case I Didn't...I came to say that I forgot to say earlier that Oscar Hammerstein,II wrote those Beautiful lyrics, and Mr. Kern wrote the very sweet melody....!


I hope Sunday is a Sweet Sweet Day, my dear Pat.....

(If I already said this....Well, you can just delete this one...LOL!
Aint it fun getting old???? NOT!

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Happy anniversary Pat and Jamie!

Sim said...

Happy wedding anniversary for Sunday! See world! True love does conquer all!

I shall raise my one weekly permitted glass of wine to you both on Sunday evening!

PI said...

Judy; thank you again:)

Naaomi: thank you for putting me right about that. It's important to give credit where credit is due and I make more errors than you do but then I am a shade older:) Drat it!

Daphne: than you - I'll pass the message on .

Sim: thank you and enjoy your ration and a big kiss for baby.

john.g. said...

XXX, that is all!

Guyana-Gyal said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Pat and her TL. Today is just starting for me, it's just a bit after 9, I guess your day is half done. Enjoy your happiness for today and always.

The way you and YTL met again, it's kismet, isn't it? Fate, destiny.

I hope you develop all that you've said here, in your book.

I love happy love stories. Yours is one of my favourites.

sablonneuse said...

Happy Anniversary. It's wonderful to read a real life love story that ends happily despite adversity.
Look forward to reading all about your life again when it's published as a book.

Eryl said...

Happy anniversary, 29 is a lot of years. To think it could have been 59!

Lovely writing here Pat, really immediate and engaging, I could feel your anguish.

PI said...

John.g: what - only three kisses and no hugs:(

GG: thank you always for your warm encouragement always:)

Sandy: thank you and I sincerely hope one day you can read the published version.

Eryl: I just wonder if it had been 59 years if we would have survived. We both had a lot of growing up to do and I always believe it was the right time.

Nea said...

"A man does not recover from such a devotion of the heart to such a woman!" J.A.

A very Happy Anniversary to you both!


PI said...

Nea: thank you. Ooooh! I can't think who You tease!

Kath said...

Congrats! This post gave me goosebumps, so so glad you are happy now!

PI said...

Kath: thank you. The weather is giving me goosebumps at present:)

Nea said...

"A man does not recover from such a devotion of the heart to such a woman!" J.A.

J.A. = Jane Austen. Do you want to guess which book?