Monday, November 17, 2008

A few Gripes of Wrath

Was it Whitney Houston who first substituted ‘chew’ for you?

‘And I ay- I- ay I will always love chew!’

Whitney, Beyonce, and Maria Carey- all three have great voices and all sing about ‘chew’.
And our weather girls and boys tell us every day that the weather is ‘BAReezy’ and ‘BALustery’. And who could ever forget Robert Kiljoy Silk talking about ‘the nooze.’ I see he is now on ‘I’m a Celebrity – get me out of here.’ Who knows maybe a miracle will happen and I will grow to admire him?

My only excuse for being gripeish is a restless night. It’s no good burying my head in the sand and blaming it on the wrong bra; I have to admit that since June I have had a painful shoulder and it isn’t getting better. It makes me cramd (an old Lancashire word meaning vexed or like a bear with sore gluteals). I was talking to a doctor friend yesterday – we were at school together - and he said this was one complaint one could do something about so I promised I would go and see our doctor. Incidentally he told me another of our ‘old boys’ Sir Paul Stephenson has been tipped to replace Sir Ian Blair as Police Commissioner – that’s worth a yay or two.

A ray of sunshine in the gloom: my grandson T, who had the band ‘Anything to do with Super Heroes’, now at university, has won the Chancellor School prize for English. Proud of you hon!

It’s always fun to learn a new skill and thanks to Shane and Zinnia (both on my sidebar if I don’t manage the html) I have learnt how to do haiku. I was reluctant at first but Shane insisted it was to be November’s theme and thanks to Zinnia’s teaching skills I’m getting to be a dab hand. Here are her beautifully simple guidelines.

Pat, like this:
First line: five syllables
Second line: seven syllables
Third line: five syllables
No need to rhyme.

I finally came up with:

Why cannot I just
Develop a thicker skin
So that I don’t hurt.

Zinnia said if it was up to her she’d give me Comment of the Year Award. Isn’t that nice?

Go over to Shane and have some fun - if I can do it, it anyone can - you probably know how to anyway.


kenju said...

Pat, do you have a rotater-cuff problem? I hope you will go have it seen about.

I used to write haiku years ago, as did my kids in school.

Congrats to the grandchild!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Pat, I am hoping and praying that the pain in your shoulder is something sleeping using the computer badly...sometimes it's something as simple as that, isn't it?

As for thicker skin, are you talking about being sensitive? Sensitive people are caring, kind, compassionate, sweet, in tune with others and CREATIVE. Celebrate it.

I hope my healing vibes reach you xox.

PI said...

Judy: thank you. Hopefully I'll know more after I see the doc.

GG: I'm sure it isn't anything sinister. Probably rather more than normal wear and tear. It almost always improves once one has decided to see someone.
Re skin - I was thinking about a mental rather than a physical state.
With your and your mothers healing vibes I'll be a good as new soon.

sablonneuse said...

How I love your blog
It is always great reading
And full of wisdom.

Sorry your shoulder
Is painful and troubling you.
Hope it's soon better.

john.g. said...

Hope you are fit soon, and well done to grandson! xx

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

In regard to Haiku: I don't know how to do it and in all honesty I don't undedrstand the point if it. Never did, Still don't! (lol)

I hope you DO go to the doctor about your shoulder, my dear, and that he/she can make it all better!
Living with physical pain seems to be more and more common as we get up there in years, doesn't it, Pat?
OY! I find it very tiring, to say the least.

Jade of the Jungle said...

OOOH that annoys me too! Another one that really gets up my nose is the pronounciation of the very simple two-letter word : me. Why oh why must popstarlets bleat this easiest of words so that they sound like robotic ovines? It is me. NOT meeaaahy.

Hope you're feeling better soon


PI said...

sablonneuse: that is very kind of you and very cheering;)

John.g: I'll be fine - thanks honey.

Naomi: it took Shane and Zinnia to get me interested - together they are irresistible and it can get addictive. After November I shall probable forget the rules. I think it's the name that is so off-putting.
I'll phone the doctor tomorrow - they try to avoid seeing you now and do it all by phone. That reminds me I've been meaning to google 'painful shoulder'.

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

I've had that shoulder thing. I think it's hunching over the 'pooter for too long. Check your seat height, desk height, and sit with your elbows slightly higher than the keyboard, and a straight back. Raising the screen to eye level helps you sit up straight.

In London they are obsessed with Jews. Jew remember to lock the back door? Jew wanna go down the pub? Jew wanna punch inna mouf?

Jack said...

I like your rant on mis-pronunciation. Hockey is big in our country and we watch a game every Saturday night. If an American team is playing a Canadian, we get to hear two national anthems. Singers today, adopting the country-western cum warbling style (the latter derived from gospel singing) and put "H"s in front of all vowels when possible. As a result we must hear:
"Ho, Canada" and "Ho, say can you see". It's hawful.

Shane said...

Jack reminds me of an odd pronunciation quirk of my Dad... he'll often drop an aitch in to the beginning of words that begin with vowel sounds... Would you like a happle or a horange? Inoffensive, but most peculiar.

PI said...

Jade: thank you - there are not many of us left.

Daphne: you've got me worried! if I sit on loads of cushions to raise my elbows my eyes will be too high. I seem to have developed the habit of sitting, slewed sideways.
Thanks - I'll try and sort myself out. Have you seen Daniel Craig's smart black shoulder sling. I'm seeing the doc on Thursday - maybe she'll give me one.

Jack:I'm really glad I'm not the only one suffering:)

Crabtree said...

Bouquets d'iris bleus
En trompe l'œil sur le mur
S'effacent sans faner

Blue bunches of iris
The eye on the wall deceives it
Fade without making hay

Kanani said...

Kudos to your grandson, Pat!
Oh, yes... excellent haiku. They can be a lot of fun.

Sorry about your shoulder, Pat.

PI said...

Crabtree: whether that is haiku or a poem it matters not because it is beautiful.

Kanani: thank you. it's just a nuisance - nothing to worry about.

Shane: that's sweet:) And it sounds vaguely familiar, as if one of my uncles did it too.

Crabtree said...

I published some one.

Yes that is well a haiku as I like to do them, and that seems me you corresponds!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Hello, sorry I'm late, just caught up with this, thanks for the compliments!

PI said...

Zinnia: sorry I made a pig's ear out of the link. It only took me all morning!