Friday, May 16, 2008

Three smart graduates

The Chancellor - Princesss Alexaandria. One mother had dressed forRoyalty and wore a dress like a crinoline with hat and gloves and the Princess made a point of going up to her and chatting which was a lovely thing to do, I thought.

Girl friend , # 1 son and P. Good bye to his long curls.
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kenju said...

The curls are leaving? Why?

PI said...

Judy: his curls had to go; he was joining the work force.

Anonymous said...

I know it was a long time ago and Princess Alexandra has always been a heroine - but, that hat?
And - no pics of the crinoline even in the background??!


R. Sherman said...

Nice photo; In 1978, I graduated from High School and went off to college. It seems like ages ago.


Sam, Problemchildbride said...

You must have been so proud of your son.

It hurt me when the last of my girls' baby curls fell to the hairdresser's floor. At least you got to have them til he finished uni!

PI said...

Belle : she never achieved the elegance of her mother. I didn't do photography then but I felt so sorry for the lady I wouldn't have taken a photo. Until the Princess spoke to her people were looking at her as if she were from Mars. I thought she had great guts.

Randall: you've been busy since than:)

Sam: I didn't feel quite so strongly about his curls but I wasn't wild about the beard when it appeared.

Bob-kat said...

Nice pic :)

Graduation is such a big day. For the graduate it's the culmination of years of hard work and for the parents it's a proud day :)

Michele sent me back to say hi! Isn't that 'more comments' thing causing a lot of consternation and where is everyone at the M&G lately?

Lizzy said...

That's amazing seeing those photos! I have an almost identical set from when I graduated from Lancaster Uni in 1998!!! Did he go to Furness College? The first picture looks like the square there to me.

It was a wonderful University to go to. I went back last year for a visit and it had changed loads - almost doubled in size from when I was there. Have you or your son revisited since he graduated?

PI said...

Lizzie: yes it was Furness - before your time obviously. He went back with his son recently, who had Lancaster as his second choice. He too was impressed with the changes.