Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jane Horrocks - actress

Betty Jackson - couturier.
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Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Oh Gawd save us, yer from BAKE-OOP in't Rossendale Valley. You're going to hate me for saying this but I think it's the worst accent in the whole of the UK, Jane Horrocks included. Everybody I've met from there couldn't wait to get away and is in no hurry to go back.

PI said...

Daphne: watchit monkey! THE worst accent is Burnley -Berrrrrrnli- a good seven miles from where I was born and bred.
I never did have the accent proper - my ears rejected it as I exited the womb and folk used to say I 'talked funny'. My models were Phyllis Calvert and Vivien. Then I was married to someone who- naturally - spoke beautifully - for 28 years, so it rubbed off although my parents had the accent.
I left the valley at 16 and once my mother left and has since died, will probably never return. As a teenager I really hated it but the people were the salt of the earth.