Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Great Hall - Orchard Wyndham

Giant Green Turtleshell

Appears to be a hamlet
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Anonymous said...

Wow... imagine living there!

R. Sherman said...

I'm normally not one for house tours, but I'd make an exception for something like this. I truly enjoy being so close to history. It sounds like a fabulous time.


PI said...

Wont: there were many smaller less grand rooms. They have no intention of letting it become a museum.

Randall: You would love it I know.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's not just about grand rooms for me, but the whole rural location (I grew up in a rural town and now live in a suburb of the second largest city in the country - my boyfriend was born and raised here), and a house with so many rooms to get lost in... and open fireplaces? :)


savannah said...

incredible! such a grand place, i can't even imagine living in something so huge! xox

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Pat....What a MAGNIFICENT Place....Your barrative was so wobderful I felt I could see it very very clearly...And so great that you had such a personal tour by one of the remaining residence. Might you go back sometime to see the gardens, too? I would LOVE to see that Camelia...!
And how great that your MTL enjoyes it all the way, too!
Thank you for sharing this incredibly special place with all of us---especially those of us 'across the pond'.

kenju said...

It's beautiful, Pat!

PI said...

Marjolein: I also would find city living difficult after living in a lovely back water.

Savannah: I did ask about the cleaning - everywhere was spotless and they have a team of volunteers. I would quite enjoy dusting some of the beautifully carved furniture. Once:)

Naomi: there was so much - it was difficult to know what to leave out. In the end I could only give a taste but it may inspire others to go and see. They have a web site under Orchard Wyndham. I didn't want to give too much personal info.

Judy: something to put on your UK list?