Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Robert Griffier's painting of Orchard Wyndahm c 1750

My illicit - but allowed photo.
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Anonymous said...

what a lovely place and such history!

what use is that diamond to anyone else - it can't be sold or anything - maybe it will turn up some day like other stolen stuff has recently.

The setting reminds me of a NT house LOML and I went to on the south coast somewhere near Kingswear - can't recall the name - it was a famous Arts and Crafts movement house and was sited at the top of a canyon leading to the beach. The canyon had been beautifully converted into a wild garden and was just perfect.

I am annoyed I can't recall the name or where it was - I do remember we got caught up in a herd of cows being taken in for milking when we left!

Were the other pics illicit or provided by the inhabitants?


PI said...

Belle: Sylvana said the raiders told her sister they had buyers for everything they took and they would be out of the country at once - as if they had been ordered.
Arts and Crafts sounds like the Bloomsbury lot's place in Sussex which I really enjoyed. The Bells etc - my memory 's asleep too.

PI said...

Belle: the other pics I took from a publication I bought at the house.

Kanani said...

Wow, I can't imagine living in such a museum! I mean ...they must have really good security now. If I lived there, I'd have pack of snarling dogs around me at all times!

Anonymous said...

Pat - i went and looked up the house I was thinking of - knew it was in Devon.

Here's a link to it - Coleton Fishacre - rolls off the tongue, doens't it?

PI said...

Kanani: oddly - surrounded by billowing hills it feels very safe. I think the marauders might have had helicopters. With mobile phones they couldn't make a quick getaway on those narrow twisty roads.